It’s that time again

It’s PhotoFridayTime guys! The weekend is near and what a week it has been – far too exciting for little me! We heard some exciting news from our house mate J (which we can’t share yet – but if you’re clever you could guess), we missed our private flight over London, because I was sick (sigh) – we got it rescheduled though, and hope for good weather next week, I’m starting to write the first chapter on my PhD (eek!!), I didn’t get the German scholarship for my studies I wanted/needed, but I can try again in September (so please keep your fingers crossed for me!) and G ran (or rather speed-walked) her first 5k race for the cancer charity ‘Race for Life’. She got her first medal – and she can say that her and Dame Kelly Holmes were in the same race. – To pay justice to Dame Kelly (a 2-time Olympic champion in 800m and 1500m), she finished her race very comfortably in 20mins and was happily chatting to people while running. Altogether that was a pretty emotional event – I’ve never attended it (this time I was volunteered to be keeper of the bags/valuables) it’s heartbreaking to see all the names of family members on people’s backs and know they were lost to cancer.

But now to the Friday questions – this time we look at:

1.) Was vermisst du gerade? What are you missing at the moment?

simple biscuits

We have to figure out how to cook only using nut and coconut flower – doable but not easy.

2.) Was hast du diese Woche ganz schnell gemacht? What did you do very quickly this week? finish the race

Race for life

3.) Ein toller Tipp? A great tip?

cleaning with toothpaste

Marks on the wall, yellow finger nails (from nail varnish – not because one has fungus on the nails!), grout cleaning, piano keys (the ones we were looking after came from a place with a heavy smoker, toothpaste took the yellow stain and the smell), sink (in case you’re out of de-scaler) – it all works: we’ve tried.

4.) Eine Sache, die du nicht benutzt, weil zu hübsch? A thing you don’t use – because it’s too pretty?

concert dress – not in daily life at least

5.) Wie siehst du im Moment oft aus? How do you often look at the moment?

like this 🙂

Huge thank you to Steffi, who comes up with the questions every week! And have a look at what people came up with this week – I have to say I’m quite curious on the ‘great tip’ question…


9 thoughts on “It’s that time again

  1. Jules kleines Freudenhaus says:

    Hey vielen dank auch für deinen besuch! Ja die neuen Ohrringe mag ich gerade besonders… Du musst unbedingt bei Lou vorbeischauen… So schöne Selfmade-Dinge…

    Jetzt ist Sommer, egal ob man schitzt oder friert, Sommer ist was in deinem Kopf passiert … 😉

    Happy FREUday

  2. Fräulein Cupcake says:

    Wieso denn nur nut und coconut flour? Das Kleid ist total toll! Und das erste Kapitel für meine Diss sollte ich auch schon längst geschrieben haben…eek!!! trifft die Stimmung ziemlich genau 😉

    Ein tolles WE!

    LG, Marlene

    • dotsandyarn says:

      Danke, mag das Kleid auch total!! Der Mehlersatz? Aus verschiedenen Gesundheitsgründen – wobei gerade der Gebrauch von Kokosmehl äußerst – sagen wir – interessant ist (‘top die Watter quilt’ sage ich nur). Man muss es gesehen haben. Bringt aber Erheiterung in die Küche 🙂 Gut schreib für die Diss!

      • Fräulein Cupcake says:

        Hahaha, ja, das Kokosmehl würd ich gerne sehen 😀 Aber aussehen tun die Kekse ja superlecker 🙂 Ich darf keine Fructose essen und mache daher auch immer wieder “Zuckerersatzexperimente”, die dann auch oft etwas recht interessant sind 😉 Eine tolle Woche wünsch ich dir!

      • dotsandyarn says:

        Nee, die hatten ja auch noch ‘normales Mehl’. Kokosmehl-Muffins Bilder folgen – die sind übrigens total Fructose-frei (also ohne Obst und/oder Zucker) – nur mal so… wegen des Nachbackens 😉

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