TGI Friday

We have made it through this week – oh well, it’s almost weekend. We literally had something every night this week and spent most of Sunday pre-cooking meals for the entire week in order not to be tempted to eat out… and then went out to meet up with H&A who were in town as A was recording at the BBC studios. The coffee app still rocks! We found a cute little café in a spot in town that was convenient to all. And now it’s off to answer Stephi’s questions before plunging again into my diss chapter – and yes, in case you’re wondering, I’m already behind my schedule, either I’m slow in reading or in putting things together….but I have to hand something in week after next (gulp).

1.) Worüber denkst du gerade nach? What are you thinking about at the moment? Actually….. when I write this sentence this is what I’m sinking ah, sorry thinking about.
2.) Ein schöner Moment? A beautiful moment?

That’s easy: it has to be our flight over London
3.) Was liest du dieses Wochenende? What are you reading this weekend?

Something peaceful and quiet like cookbooks – and of course my diss chapter…
4.) Wovon musst du dringend mehr essen? What do you urgently need to eat more of?

Muffins…. THE muffins with coconut and almond flower (almond flower is just a glorified name for ground almonds, took me a while to figure that out…)

5.) Was oder wen fandest du diese Woche niedlich? What or whom did you find cute this week?

Meet Tilly1 (Tilly2 now lives with H&A). The cat (called Katze) above was a present of my sister a couple of years ago, we found that Tilly1 and Katze should become good friends. We were given Tilly1 last Sunday as a present from H&A. Aren’t they wonderful people? 🙂

See here for what the rest of the guys came up with.


9 thoughts on “TGI Friday

  1. nike says:

    kochbücher kann man auch nie genug haben… ich hätte allerdings jetzt gerne einen muffin, da läuft mir das wasser im mund zusammen. tilly1 und katze gefallen mir auch sehr… happy weekend

    • dotsandyarn says:

      Fand ich auch – und es bleibt bei einem wie ein Ohrwurm. Jedesmal wenn einer fragt ‘what are you thinking about’ kommt mir das Bild in den Kopf 🙂

  2. Lolle Pampolle says:

    Soo cool your flight! 🙂 I used to do glider flying for 5 years, so I’m used to very small planes. But as a glider pilot you are normally not allowed to fly over cities. So this London-View is super-special!
    Have a great Weekend!

    • dotsandyarn says:

      Wow, glider flying that’s so cool!! And those planes are even smaller than the one we had – ours was for 6 people. Apparently you never know if you get the go ahead on the day to fly over London – it’s such a crowed airspace. So happy we managed it though! Have a great weekend! M.

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