June Retro

summer might come – via

|Listened to| G’s Race-for-Life Race list: 5 centuries of music work-out -works for cleaning the flat too 🙂
|Read| papers – lots of them
|Watched| Bunting, London from above
|Did|work like dogs, ride our bikes even to go shopping (something we wouldn’t have dreamed of a couple of years ago, like our former house mate H said), meet up with H in Glyndebourne and with H&A for a coffee here, flying over London, raced for life (at least one of us) and watch the Diamond Jubilee river pageant on TV because we didn’t want to stand in the rain.
|Learned| Lists help for a lot of things
|Ate| Mexican food, muffins and home made white chocolate
|Drank| tea, coffee, water – lots of water (hydrate me app helps to keep track!)
|Thought| some people are not what they seem
|Was happy| to catch up with L
|Wished| the system to see an NHS doctor would be – easier (in the absence of a better word, but that’s putting it mildly)
|Planned| to go away on holiday
|Bought|a new kitchen knife, stripy jersey for a new summer dress (and IF I’m quick I might be able to wear it during the holidays)


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