Pfft that week was hard! It took 48 hours for painkillers to kick in to lessen the grip of the migraine this time –  I’m still having a headache and feeling dizzy, but am definitely better than last week Friday. Thank you all for your kind wishes, they made me feel a lot better!! The weather here is difficult to live with. It’s not really hot, but humid and muggy – people dropping like flies… what a summer! But it’s nearly weekend (+ I got 7 more days to my extended deadline- yesssss) and Stephi has not only come up with challenging Photo-Friday questions (although she keeps saying that we moan every week and still come up with amazing ideas), but she also had a blog-redesign that looks super cool and came up with a sweet little logo for the Photo Friday:

Really makes me want to finally finish the re-design for our blog as well, hmm maybe we can get some work done over the weekend…?? My list is steadily growing with projects-to-do-over-the-weekend – but sewing and a bit of writing up still has priority  – the sewing only because I want to wear new summer clothes, but can’t afford buying much this summer sale…: -) Anyway, back to question-time- hmm difficult…

1.) Die schönste Ansage diese Woche? The loveliest announcement this week? After horror-news-weeks filled with one sad piece of news after the other, leaving us feeling helpless, the best thing of this week was that there were no announcements at all:

2.) Wofür liebst du deinen Job? For what do you love your job? Since we work in two different jobs, G’s going to say something totally different to me… I love that I can work from home (or actually almost everywhere) – last week in bed with a cooling pad strapped to my head…

work under the giant lamp

But I love that I have the freedom to sit anywhere and I have my work-out-of-the-house-days and sit-under-the-giant-lamp-in-the-coffee-shop-and-meet-up- with-G-for-a-good (and sometimes much needed)-rant-over-lunch-break-days.

3.) Was hast du zuletzt bestellt? What was your last order?

saffron pancakes

That was last Sunday, I ordered pancakes – I also hinted that I’d like to try out an adaptation of the saffron pancakes from the Green Kitchen Stories… sometimes this works 🙂
4.) Womit hast du nicht gerechnet? What didn’t you expect?

I’m generally surprised about a lot of things (politics at work, people being unfriendly or the tube not running – although that shouldn’t surprise me too much any more…) but the thing that no one of us really expected was this:

snail alarm

Snail alarm in the bedroom – and no, we’re not living on the ground floor in case you’re wondering! We did have snails in the kitchen in a previous house – J accidentally stepped on one once when she wanted something from the fridge late at night and screamed so high and loud that it would have made any soprano jealous 🙂 The handyman, who came to fix something else in the house some time later, said that it was normal. (Normal?!?) We had our kitchen on the ground floor, no concrete foundation (as it’s common in houses here) and wooden floorboards – result: the snails would creep in from underneath the house. I can’t tell you how quickly I insulated this kitchen – duck tape, silicone, wood filler, you name it, I used it! We have filed that story under ‘things you don’t expect when you live in Britain’
5.) Deine liebste Kombi momentan? Your favourite combination at the moment? A critical grey

And yes – I do wear cow heads on my feet too… 🙂 click here to see other Friday answers.


13 thoughts on “Fffriday

  1. rosaundlimone says:

    Na den Spruch Deiner Kollegin müssen uns ja mal merken, wie wahr wie wahr 😉 Oh jemine Schneckenalarm im Schlafzimmer, das hört sich ja nicht so dolle an, da hoffe ich, dass ihr das bald in den Griff bekommt und eure süssen Hautierchen irgendwie bald nach draussen entsorgen könnt…
    Happy Weekend und viele liebe Grüsse
    rosa & limone

  2. Lolle Pampolle says:

    Hihi! Ich kann mir richtig vorstellen wie man nachts im Dunkeln total schlaftrunken zum Kühlschrank tappt um sich ein Glas Wasser zu holen und dann plötzlich barfuß auf was ekelig feuchtes, geleeartig klebriges tritt. Da hätte ich wohl auch geschrien!

  3. Jules kleines Freudenhaus says:

    Hey meine Liebe, auch ein Migräne-Opfer?? Ich heute auch… Schon 2 Tabletten reingepfiffen aber noch keine Besserung und dazu einen Berg Arbeit und Stress… Keine gute Kombi…
    Wird Zeit für ein rasches Wochenende…

    Gute Besserung und allerbeste FREUday Grüße

  4. frauheuberg says:

    mhhh…die habe ich auch alles erstes gesehen…lecker…und Schneckenarlarm…ohje, das wäre auch nicht mein Traum von einer ruhigen Nacht…brrr…hoffe sie sind schon freiwillig umgezogen…liebste Grüsse und gute Besserung…hoffe es geht mit der Migräne abwärts…happy weekend…cheers and hugs…i…

    • dotsandyarn says:

      Danke, die Schmerzmittel fassen, das hilft schon mal! Schnecken war ich sonst nur im Garten gewöhnt, nicht als Hausschnecke, aber bei der Gewohnheit ohne Betonsohle zu bauen kann man schon einiges Erleben… 😉

    • dotsandyarn says:

      Wie cool ist denn der Clip?!? Wir haben Tränen gelacht! Leider sind die Schnecken hier total unmusikalisch, sie klimpern auch nicht mit den Wimpern 🙂 seufz – Diese Schnecke wurde schon am Fenster entfernt, hatte also nicht viel Zeit Schreckenspotential zu entwickeln —

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