This time again

It’s Photo Friday time guys – didn’t see this week rush past!  The only thing between me and weekend-fun (hopefully) is a meeting at college – and hopefully not tons of more work. I’ve half finished G’s new stripy t-shirt, she’s half-way through her work-shirt and we still have two more items that need to be sewn before the holidays – which will be the only time we get to really wear summer clothes this year, I guess. Time for Stephi’s five questions then (and don’t forget to check other answers too):

1.) Etwas, das du immer machst? Something that you always do?

Grumpy lion

I see lions everywhere – always the grumpy ones – which means that everyone around me sees them as well…

2.) Wer hilft dir beim gut aussehen? Who helps you to look good?

coffee break & making lists

You mean except beauty products and the mirror? That would be a mutual thing between G and myself: ‘You were not planning on wearing this later, were you…??’
3.) Höhepunkt der Woche? The highlight of the week?

portable gamelan concert – from last year’s concert

Wednesday was our last gamelan session for this term, so we got to play through all the pieces we learned – and some that we didn’t learn – and sight-read from a ‘notation sheet’ if you want to use this word – so much fun! And – for a change – I’m totally non-competitive 🙂  I’m going to miss the guys – hopefully we see them all back in the Autumn term.
4.) Was hast du dich getraut? What did you dare to do?


I sent an email – and that’s all I’m going to say 🙂

5.) Was machst du Samstagabend? What are you going to do Saturday evening/night?

Thistles in the kitchen

With all the pre-Olympic hectic starting all over town (roads blocked and all) I think I’ll turn the thistle decoration into a broad bean, peas and artichoke salad, read a book or watch a movie (hmm haven’t done that in a while). It doesn’t sound very exiting, but after 4 weeks of schlepping myself through writing the first version of this chapter (+ migraine for 10 days) a quiet evening in sounds great to me. The option for more excitement could be to make some white chocolate…


7 thoughts on “This time again

    • dotsandyarn says:

      Unsere frühere Mitbewohnerin C hat auch immer Babies gesehen; unsere Küche war mit Bilder gepflastert, sonst gab’s bis jetzt keine Nebenwirkungen… 🙂

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