Once again

TGI Friday! We had a bit of ‘splurge’ mid-week, so to speak. We went to the Ex-Pat meeting on Wednesday evening – only for the second time as the first time some years back had been a bit of a disappointment. Obviously it always depends on who’s there that evening, but this time we had a great time! Germans were in the minority though: we had a couple of British people, one from Brazil, one US-American, one French. At one point the conversation took a turn to French – our American conversation partner was more comfortable in French and the Brazilian and G joined in… I think we might missed the point of being at a German conversation meeting at this particular moment… We were almost the last ones to leave – us, who are usually pretty disciplined on weekdays. We got home around 1am – on a school night! Shocking!! 🙂 I did pay for this yesterday feeling slightly (oh the British understatement… G) crushed, but hey it was so worth it! But back to Stephi’s FF questions for this week.

Here we go:
1.) Lebt dein Balkon noch? Is your balcony still alive?

I would say so – although we seem to have developed something that looks like mildew. Mildew always reminds me of the contemporary song cycle (voice & piano) K and I did a couple of years ago. One song spoke about roses – including mildew (which sounded lovely until I realised what it was) and attar of roses, which I could not pronounce properly until I though of the cleaning product…. This destroyed a bit of the poetry 🙂
2.) Hübsch & lecker? Pretty and tasty

Carrot and pea salad for lunch – I love peas! It’s from the Ottolenghi cookbook in case you want to try it out.
3.) Was liebst du im Moment besonders? What do you like particularly at the moment?

The idea of being there next week…although looking at the temperatures (= they have a real summer there) we’ll probably have to start slowly with our afternoon walks
4.) Was magst du gerade gar nicht? What don’t you like?

Being sat in front of a pretty bowl of sugar cubes – which I really can’t have, but they are oh-so-tempting – sigh

5.) Was findest du nicht hübsch, aber es ist halt so praktisch? What’s not pretty, yet practical?

via a G would kill me if I tried to take a picture of her with them….

I think the price goes to G’s running shorts (though the question remains are those ever pretty?) Super practical, breathable, enable her to cycle through the rain (remember we’re having a mild winter here) and they even have a little pouch to put in keys or the iPod for motivation music – but pretty they are not. Check other answers here. Happy Weekend!!


5 thoughts on “Once again

    • dotsandyarn says:

      Sagen wir mal das Sportlerhöschen ist netter als andere, vor allem wegen der eingebauten Tasche -die haben wir aber erst später entdeckt. 🙂

    • dotsandyarn says:

      In Spanien- eigentlich fast hinterm Hause, aber so versteckt, dass es wir jahrelang dran vorbei gelaufen sind und buchstäblich den Wald vor lauter Bäumen nicht gesehen haben! 😉

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