Olympic Photo Friday

Barely back in town and it’s already Friday- weekend – yey! And time for Stephi’s Friday questions and don’t forget to check out the other answers here.
1.) Hat jemand anderes gekauft, findest du aber auch schön? Someone else bought it, but you like it, too?

G’s iPhone cover.

2.) Kling gut? Sounds good? Listening to Simone Boccanegra with this view – somehow the weather Verdi had in mind for this opera.

3.) Ein Buch, das du nicht mehr weiterlesen magst? A book you don’t like to finish? That would be this one – yes I know: trash literature – I could not finish it, the manipulative boyfriend-story sounded too familiar although the real-life one ended years ago.

4.) Welche Farbe ändert deine Laune? Which colour changes your mood? Ah this is difficult, because all the colours affect my mood… but generally when the sun shines, it makes me happy. The only other one I could think of was the Academie de Musique in Sion which used to have a combination of pale yellow/green (the shade of an unhealthy skin) combined with shocking pink to frame the doors (eeekshudder, still works in my memory)

5.) Deine liebste Uhrzeit? You most preferred time of the day? Mornings when the day’s full of promise – the last weeks especially, because we had to have our walks through the woods in the morning – the afternoon was definitely too hot to move.


8 thoughts on “Olympic Photo Friday

    • dotsandyarn says:

      Nee, eigentlich kein früher Vogel, aber irgendwie mag ich den Morgen trotzdem, das Aufstehen eher weniger… 27°C für heute, das sind schon tropische Temperaturen für hier 🙂 Grüße zurück!

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