The long weekend

I’ve started about 3 posts this week, but never managed to finish even one of them… serious case of lack of concentration. I’ve filled out what felt like 500 pages of forms for the next academic year (did I mention: I hate filling out forms?) and posted/emailed them. Now, I’m visiting the pages for scholarships I’d bookmarked earlier as the deadlines were for the second half of the year –  just to see that about 99% of them changed their terms and requirements- honestly?! I’m swimming through a minor nervous breakdown… surely a good way to minimise the amount of people who can apply. – sigh! –  Time for some fun counteraction with Stephi’s Friday questions:

1.) Dein Bild der Woche? Picture of the week?

It has to be the emergency dress shopping picture. After some lunch accident (and a ripped seam at the edge of the dress), we went emergency shopping over G’s lunch break and found 3 dresses for G (on sale might I add!), but only bought one – we don’t want to exaggerate 🙂 Neither of us has ever done that before, but there is a first time for everything. Apparently the sales girl hadn’t seen much of that either: she was a bit paranoid that we’d steel a dress. We’d asked to remove the tags from the new dress and for a bag to put the old one in – she even asked to inspect G’s old dress. We showed it to her and refrained from asking how in her opinion G was supposed to have come into the shop without wearing anything and if she’d noticed G being half-naked when she entered the store…

2.) Was wünschst du dir manchmal? What do you wish for sometimes?

Sometimes I wish I’d be a normal (note from G: what’s ‘normal’?!) healthy person and wouldn’t have to take care of myself all the time, could eat what I wanted… ah, that would be nice… but until someone finds a cure for my illness, this is going to remain a wish. I’m not complaining heavily here, there are people with the same illness who are much worse than I am at the moment – but even though I can do more than what I used to, there is room for improvement.

3.) Was hast du endlich mal wieder gemacht? What have you finally done again?

Sit and work in the local coffee shop -sometimes a good idea if you usually sit all alone at home. Even though I can only survive the noise level with Siegfried in my ears… this makes for good rhythmical typing at times.

4.) Wen magst du gerade besonders gern? Who do you particularly like at the moment?

Ah – difficult question! But I think it has to be little A. He grows up so terribly fast! We finally figured out why all the adults kept saying that when we were little – because  it’s true! They change so quickly, which – obviously – you don’t realise if it’s yourself and all you want to do is grow up. Little A is totally adorable (and of course I’m the totally biased aunt!). He does recognise me on Skype  – or at least he appears to be all excited when we skype – which usually culminates in him jumping towards the computer/iPhone trying to hug it and managing to press the ‘hang up’ button at the same time… Also, he loves stripes – yep – we’re one family!

5.) Was hast du gekauft, um es zu verschenken? What have you bought to give it away as a present?

Ehm, generally I don’t take pictures of things I give away… although at this specific time I wish I did take a picture of the bowl from Anthropololgy we got C&R for a gift/birthday present. It was one of the things that you really fight to give away, because you’d very much like to keep it yourself. But since they gave me a beautiful bowl a couple of years ago that they’d really wanted to keep, I figured that makes us even. 🙂 So yes – ehm, tickets for the winter term Gamelan course… this seems to be the most inconspicuous thing to put up here… for everyone else who thought they might learn about future presents – tough.

This weekend is a bank holiday weekend – which means the weather is supposed to be – I quote – ‘unsettling’. We plan to check out new bike shops, meet up with J to inspect the growing baby bump and several other things – depending on the weather – like finally giving the blog a new outfit and adding the illness page we’ve been working on for weeks (if I can manage to put my ‘idea list’ in a pleasing design in Adobe…) or take a bike trip along the River. Lots of options! Have a great weekend!


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