Foto Friday

This week raced past. I still think it’s only Wednesday – see what it does to you when you work from home… we finally managed to get our blog into a new dress, but the illness page is still missing. If anyone knows a page with great adobe list templates let me know – it would make it so much faster to finish it! Unfortunately this is not going to be a long weekend, but our list is equally long (and I have to have regular rest-stops to not get my migraine back up or I’m going to be strapped to my bed…) so we’d better plunge into this week’s photo Friday.

1.) Wo warst du letztes Wochenende? Where have you been last weekend?

Lots of places, but I think one favourite moment was catching up with J, with lots of girls’ talk (including her choices of baby names) and coffee until they literally threw us out of the coffee shop, because they were closing…

2.) Gefühlszustand? Emotional state?

Hmm, I would quote from one of my favourite plays: ‘it keeps on the windy side of care’. This is me of course, G has a much more balanced nature 🙂 she’s appeared so happy at the office that rumours are already running around what might be the cause – tsk, tsk, tsk honestly, people – a person can just be a happy being, can’t they?

3.) Was soll lieber niemand wissen? It would be better, if nobody knew… ? Well probably it would be better if those things would remain in the closet, But since you insist, you should know:

We regularly have a washing up backlog. There – I’ve said it.

4.) Schöner Spruch? A good saying/quote

5.) Das beste Eis? The best ice cream – ah I wish I’d known that last week! I need to borrow a picture for this, because we miss the single ingredient for it.

Since we’re now basically stripped of all ingredients for ice cream (no sugar and more recently no artificial sugar as well) the home-made ice cream is the only one we can have. Except for the beloved vanilla-ice cream from Lenôtre (which is basically a custard base, but you’ll need maizena if you don’t want a disaster when you heat the eggs – which is now – you guessed it – forbidden), the single ingredient (or banana) ice cream has had a huge success here.  It’s coincidentally (and totally unintentionally) vegan, just in case you’re wondering. It sounds like nothing, but it’s yummy.

Right, and now back to cleaning mode so we can have a stroll through town and (finally) get G’s hair cut – have a great weekend!


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