August Retro

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|Listened to| chirping of cicadas while walking through the woods on holiday; and by contrast the incredible noise of the planes flying low(er) over our house (boo for the BAA trial!)
|Read| non-science books (yey)
|Did| started a work-out programme – G only & me as slave driver, I’m really good at that :-); took the bike almost all the time to go places; met up with family visiting town and got a hair cut (part 1)
|Learned| yep, learned something but it’s censored 🙂
|Ate| cooked a lot from the Ottolenghi cookbook and G’s Mexican cookbook
|Drank| tea, coffee, water – lots of water actually
|Thought| excuse me, but whose research subject is it?
|Was happy| to catch up with J
|Wished| that things would fall into place without sooo much work
|Planned| a couple of trips
|Bought|a new jersey dress (called the emergency dress)
|Clicked| zite


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