Photos for Friday

What an odd week! It looks like we’re going to have an Indian summer here… at least we have one this week. We had dinner guests, G’s been over to Amsterdam for work while I’m still trying to feed my brain statistics (still room for improvement here) in various locations. Somehow sitting in a coffee shop seems to work well. Sitting among other people with laptops/proofreading 100kgs of printed-out paper and sweating over their work at least seems to be motivating. On the plus side: no vibrating basses through the walls or  screeching mothers with wailing kids (until recently I only knew that kind from bad soap operas – I hope for fast growing nodules on vocal cords… for the screeching mothers, that is!). I’ve basically summer cleaned the flat after a low in motivation, but since you can’t have people over for dinner and serve it while they sit between drying bedsheets, it needed to be done. Now it’s time to enjoy the flat before the new load of washing is due…. but before that the weekend questions.

1.) Ein Gefühl? A feeling?

Starting to get a grip on things. Learning never ends – which is a good thing overall, but sometimes, if it comes in a condensed version, it gets a bit… intense.

2.) Neu? New?

Technically the building is not new, but the underwear I got in it is and since I want to keep the blog kids-friendly you get to see the building.

3.) Was hilft immer? What does always help? Paint/clean to clear my head

4.) Gesagt: “Süüüüß”? When did you say ‘cuuuuute’? When I saw the tomatillos we got with our veg box.

5.) Gedacht: “Wow”? Thought ‘wow’?

G’s new hair cut – my hair never ever falls in soft curls (of course not, it’s super straight) – sigh!

I’ll have a look at what you guys came up with and then swing myself into my designated workplace and try to cram some things into my head before the weekend. On Sunday we’re hopefully meeting up with our friend H for a Sunday lunch. H has been back in the UK for a couple of days playing some concerts somewhere out in the sticks – why do they create festivals out there? Hope you have a great weekend!


4 thoughts on “Photos for Friday

    • dotsandyarn says:

      Hehehe! I quite like painting, it’s nice to be able to change things. And there is pinterest for projects…. let me know how your painting project are coming on 🙂 M.

  1. nike says:

    bei no 2 mußte ich auch lachen! 🙂 wenn ich etwas streiche, bin ich erst total euphorisch & dann ganz schnell genervt – ich back da lieber!
    auflösung gibt´s im nächsten post!
    happy weekend!

    • dotsandyarn says:

      Tja, wo man auf der Suche nach erschwinglicher Unterwäsche so hinkommt…. ich backe gern, habe sogar nach Deinem Vorbild die Pflaumen in den Ofen geworfen – während die Vorstreichfarbe trocknete. Die gibt’s nächste Wochen zum Frühstück auf Bananenbrot 🙂

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