And then..’s Friday again! And term has started again. So far my chapter (remember that from last term?) has not been shredded to death, but my meeting is only on Thursday…so we’ll see. I always suspect the worst. You would too, if you had had a teacher telling you your work was ‘only very good’ – instead of outstanding… oh well, things we have to live with. 🙂 Anyway diving into Stephi’s  Friday photos idea:

1.) Ein Outfit, in dem dir nichts passieren kann? Nothing can happen to you in this outfit:
I’m not attached to clothes that way, though I did wear my favourite white shirt for a gastroscopy once and make-up including mascara – waterproof of course – it caused some raised eyebrows; it seems people don’t do that kind of thing…

2.) Entdeckt? Discovered?

Best spot for a picnic on the last day of summer

That one needs to be in the park before noon to get a good spot for a picnic. Then you can settle down with all your stuff and observe how ‘delighted’ some people are to meet their friends for a picnic on Sunday (or not..). In any case it makes for a lot of interesting conversations 🙂

3.) So hübsch? So pretty?

fly little bird

My birthday earrings

4.) Blätterst du am Wochenende? Browsing through this weekend?

This is the September edition of the French Marie-Claire – the October version should be out this weekend…

5.) Was planst du Schönes? Something lovely you’re planning?

Flower Power Elefant

To make something nice to celebrate with J that she’s having a little baby girl – and yes, she does have a name already. And there isn’t much time to do this till seeing her (or them) on Sunday. So excuse me, I’ll have to run through my stash to see what we have. Hope you have something lovely planned for the weekend too!


4 thoughts on “And then..

    • dotsandyarn says:

      Danke! Das wird nur ein ‘Micro-Mini-Baby-Shower’, da wir auf unsere Freunde auf Übersee warten müssen (sonst reißen die uns den Kopf ab :-)) Aber Babysachen sind halt so süß, wer kann da schon warten?? Happy weekend! M.

    • dotsandyarn says:

      Danke – das photographieren der Ohrringe war allerdings etwas komplex. Ich habe die letztes Jahr zum Geburtstag gekriegt und seitdem (fast) keine anderen mehr tragen mögen. Der Elefant ist ein kostenloses Design (meine ich jedenfalls) – nur wenn Dich im Herbst die Stricklust überkommt 🙂

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