September Retro

Hecta Lighthouse, Oregon

Incredible, it’s already October!! Only 3 months to Christmas – eek! Time to get the thinking cap on – thanks to pinterest I’m not lacking ideas, but most probably the time to make those ideas become reality…

|Listened to| the rain and thought that we need rain gear for the bike (thank you A for great suggestion)
|Read| work-related things, but I’m trying to squeeze in my birthday book – we also had a look at the new Ottolenghi cookbook (sigh)
|Watched| La Gloire de mon père and (obviously) Downton Abbey series 3 (hopefully it’ll be better than series 2…)
|Did| haircut part 2, sorted out clothes, cycled to work (I manage twice a week – I do pay for it with nasty days after, but it’s so much fun!), celebrated my birthday, had the last summer picnic in the park
|Learned| to find the exit in college without trying going into the basement first (to my defence, our office wasn’t in the main building until now, so I get a few weeks of trying, still need to figure out where the restaurant is…)
|Ate| birthday cake – strawberries and white chocolate and totally allowed!
|Drank| tea, coffee, water – not enough water actually – hm
|Thought| know your operas before you speak about them…
|Was happy| about so many birthday messages
|Wished| for rain gear to be less expensive – on the other hand, using public transport isn’t cheap either
|Planned| to try out more recipes
|Bought|a couple of silicon baking tins, which means we can have one intact banana bread instead of several pieces


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