Question Time

The weeks are not getting less stressful… everyone seems to be down with the flu or a cold – or in my case with a 48-hour migraine attack which is just lifting, but leaving the edges of every word I type slightly blurred in my vision – interesting. On the happy side, my oldest friend had a little baby girl Wednesday night – definitely it’s a baby year! Can’t wait to meet her!
Next week, I have to hold a general presentation of my project (read: the non-specialist version) and in two weeks the special presentation for our department (eek!) and the thing is still mostly in my head.

1.) Gesehen, verliebt? Seen and in love?

Little L- so cute and with that gesture totally her mother’s child (….practising for the iPhone 6….)

2.) Eine schnelle Deko-Idee? A quick deco-idea?
Depends on what one qualifies as quick… a string, some wool and some pictures? Oh, and subtract the feet!

3.) Einer deiner Lieblingsdüfte? One of your favourite perfumes?

one for each of us…

4.) Was ordnet deine Gedanken? What helps you to organise your thoughts?
Painting and cleaning – alternatively baking but since we had to change diet it’s not as trivial any more.

5.) Neue Liebe? New love?

taking shellack off

Shellack nails – virtually indestructable – unless you cut a slice of like G did while cutting onions…. 🙂 Thanks to Stephi (who’s celebrating her wedding day this weekend – congratulations!) for organising it and have a look at all the other answers over here.


6 thoughts on “Question Time

    • dotsandyarn says:

      So süß nicht wahr? Heute scheint sich die Sonne zu halten… und zu Hause liegt noch ein 1/2 Kürbis im Kühlschrank- sollte klappen mit soulfood 🙂

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