Friday again

Guys, it’s nearly the weekend! So happy it’s nearly the weekend! For the first time in a long time I’ve just written something for Stephi’s question time during breakfast… (usually I do this on a Thursday…) but I did my research presentation yesterday evening – with good feedback… and I’m pretending to be totally British here :-). Personally, I find that presentations and master classes (for musicians) have a lot in common… at least I’ve had a lot of experience in the latter, and that did help with the former. And I won’t have to do another one (presentation that is) before February. So into the weekend, and before that I have only one lunch appointment and that’s it for the day. Yey!

1.) Gelacht und gekauft?  Laughed about it and bought it?

We didn’t buy any cute/non-necessary/funny gadgets at all recently. It was more the cuteness-factor of the little birds (and the great tea) – but it made someone else smile getting some tea during a stressful time. So, I guess in a weird way it fits.
2.) Was überlegst du gerade? What are you thinking about just now? Ehm, this sentence always makes me think about bad jokes of Germans speaking English – always. Otherwise, since going home for the weekend is out of the question – we thought if there is a way that we could go to the beach…

3.) Was machst du Freitagabend? What are you doing Friday night? Absolutely nothing, nada, niete, neez! The first night in ages, where there is nothing we have to do or think about (hopefully) so watch a movie, talk and knit

4.) Für köstlich befunden? Weighed, measured and not found wanting – in terms of food

Apple, pear and fennel salad by Cannelle & Vanille
5.) Deine Herbstdeko? Your decoration for the autumn – ah difficult we haven’t had any specific deco out (we have enough to do to keep the place in order with all the things on our plates over the past few weeks) so ehm.. no fall specific deco–

… just books, tea & candle. Quite curious what you guys did come up with – totally up for making something this weekend if it’s no too labour-intensive 🙂


9 thoughts on “Friday again

  1. relleoMein says:

    Hihi…ja deine Herbstdeko ist aber auch sehr leicht umzusetzen 🙂 So sieht es bei mir auch aus…Aber der Blumenstand ist eine gute Idee…das werd ich nächste Woche auch wieder machen…LG Heike

    • dotsandyarn says:

      Nicht wahr? Man wird so genügsam – eine Kerze und zack, schon hat man die Deko 🙂 Da wären allerdings noch die twinkle lights, aber die wollten sich nicht auf’s Foto bannen lassen… LG M.

  2. rosaundlimone says:

    Also eine Profispülmaschine wäre natürlich die Lösung aller Probleme, haben wir noch gar nicht dran gedacht 😉 Wir haben übrigens im November ein Lov Gewinnspiel mit der neuen Teesorte am Start, also schau auf jeden Fall mal wieder vorbei…
    Ein sonniges Wochenende und viele liebe Grüsse
    rosa & limone

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