No heating

Definitely not as dramatic as the hurricane on the East coast (hope all your loved ones are safe!), but with more personal impact: we have no heating, or, more accurately, I don’t dare to switch it on, as the boiler pressure is visibly dropping. We had a smouldering fire in the boiler Friday night – and basically 2 hours of sleep, which were not very refreshing either. The electrician on Saturday fixed it, (read: he corrected the pressure in the boiler, which was his explanation for what happened), but hinted there might be a leak somewhere. (Does it sound familiar to someone…?) So now, while we’re waiting for the management to send someone (and save the boiler for the usage of hot water… experience taught us, that ‘fixing things’ can be a long process) I switched the heating off again. The sun is shining right now, so it doesn’t feel too bad, and 2 electric heaters (+ one hair dryer) will have to do it for now. I could do without someone having to hack open half of the house again… sigh.. On the positive side, I’m learning a lot about the construction of British houses and heating systems.


2 thoughts on “No heating

  1. kingshearte says:

    Oh boo. I had a former landlord neglect to pay the gas bill all summer so that by the time it got cold, we had no heat to turn on, so I very much sympathize, and hope yours gets up and running again before it gets really nasty where you are.

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