October Recap

October didn’t give us much opportunities for relaxing cups of tea! Hmm, maybe we should have had more peppermint tea – apparently it’s good against headaches  (I’m having one right now, tea that is…) and I’m definitely still searching for a yellow sweater, similar to the one you can see in the pictures above… (any tips?)  It’s November already = month of lots of birthdays… this always drains the idea pool for Christmas… but what are you going to do? Yes, put more ideas into the pool!

|Listened to| lots of people talk – some of them had something interesting to say…
|Read| work-related things – and lots of blogs during the FFF 🙂
|Watched| Downton Abbey series 3 (not going to spoil it for you at home, who can’t watch it yet, but be prepared for action!)
|Did| held talks,  had lots of catch-up meetings, trying to figure out with whom I can create an ‘Arbeitsgruppe’ (working group) which seems to be a very German idea (read: a new idea), girls day for J to help plan her nursery, congratulated L on the birth of her grand-daughter (still need to do the same with the mother and send a gift.. )
|Learned|again, that one does need to have a close eye on the boiler pressure or one will not have any heating whatsoever!
|Ate| chicken soup
|Drank| too much coffee…
|Thought| lean back, lean back..!!
|Was happy| to have great feedback for my first talk (and that G didn’t throw pillows at me while I used her as my talk-guinea-pig-audience)
|Wished| to have been able to fly home to see everyone last weekend
|Planned| Do some sewing (e.g. fix that dress) – seriously, this time…
|Bought|Flight tickets for going home during the Christmas holidays
|Clicked|Starwars Flashmob


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