Where did the week go?

Sick week in the dots&yarn household. I started last weekend with sore throat and runny nose (plus lots of sneezing) and G’s been sniffling since Wednesday evening- oh well, then at least this was after the birthday! It’s the first cold of the season – technically we’re doing well: we left out the first flu round and avoided two rounds of colds – advantage of taking the bike. Poor Stephi has been sick as well this week, but thankfully she was fit enough to leave us questions for the FFF.

1.) Was hast du diese Woche jeden Morgen gemacht? What did you do every morning this week?

Enjoyed the last rays of sunshine for this year peeping into the bedroom.
2.) Womit hast du nicht gerechnet? You didn’t expect that?

Getting a turtle as a birthday present (in G’s case – something green with eyes, you remember?) and, in my case, believing that the turtle would make it on time. It arrived exactly on G’s birthday – got to trust the turtle! We had a great evening with old and new friends coming over to eat and chat (although, technically, R & I did a lot of it, talking that is) and yes, we still need to play black stories – now that we have talked a lot we could think about digressing a bit 🙂
3.) Eine neue Idee? New idea?

Changing water glasses- how about those?
4.) Was willst du asap nachmachen? What do you want to copy asap? Do I have to limit this to one??? Tons of things (mostly for little A… I do have to spoil my nephew!) animal hooks, knitted animal heads, family domino, the mini asdfghohiooioih and possibly the dgsjkdgjkh (read: secret Christmas projects ) or perhaps this:

5.) Dein Lebensmotto gerade? Your motto at the moment?

Go away (and hide) and think about it first! In fact, do anything to prevent you from saying what you think at the time when  you still hover under the ceiling (figuratively speaking). No use strangling people straight away… Hope you guys have a relaxing weekend and a great time at the blogger conference in Hamburg (please take pictures, we’re going to be there with you in spirit!).


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