TGI Friday

On Wednesday evening I already thought that the next day would be Friday… and I looked for the FFF, but there weren’t any questions out at this point….(obviously! duh!!) It’s been a long week! I ran into some problems with my PhD, which, I guess, everyone does at some point anyway – I’ve just taken them personally. This also probably means I’ll have to work through the weekend to try and figure them out. Oh well, then. I guess it could be worse, at least I get to torture G with it (gnignigni). One has to have one fun element in it…

1.) Und jetzt? And now?

Hare and tortoise knitting

And now: we frog, because we realised we have made a mistake about 20 rows earlier. We also realise that we don’t have enough wool left to finish the alternative project, the grey cardigan (which despite having had to heavily redesign the original design, looks great and fits well) – not a good moment for knitting. G’s secret knitting is going well though… but obviously with it being secret no pictures allowed yet.
2.) Erkenntnis der Woche? Insight of the week?

matching earphonesMy new earphones match my new jacket – and, in case you’re wondering, no, G’s new earphones don’t match hers, her earphones are in a shocking orange, not sure who can actually wear this colour…. (except for G of course!!)
3.) Gefreut wie Bolle? Ah, great to translate that! Crazily happy about?

london at nightDoing a concert with friends and strolling home with G at the end of it, contemplating London at night. This only gets topped by the night strolling home with D in the rain, huddled under the umbrella and him saying how romantic it is London at night with a beautiful girl on his arm – sigh – don’t I have lovely friends?!
4.) Schief gegangen? Went wrong?

back to the drawing board

Back to the drawing board – see above problem(s)….
5.) Ohne geht der Tag nicht los? Without it, the day doesn’t start?


Breakfast – nothing is done without that! This is our take on Zimtschnecken (cinnamon swirls) – still needs some improvement, but we’re getting there. And, as you can see, I’m not totally motivated to start work yet – maybe I’ll have a look at what you guys came up with with my second (or third)  cup of tea… have a great weekend!


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