November Retro

AdventIt’s December and we haven’t done any Advent decoration at all— please tell me we are not the only ones out there…?!? Advent wreath and little gnomes are  C&R’s from last year’s decoration. I’ll be trying to get the Christmas spirit going today. Not sure how to tackle the Christmas-cookie-baking-probem with our weird diet, hmm, I think I need to do some research for more ideas than just the simple basics.  I’ll see what can be done today without stretching myself too thin with still re-working the project (hmpf!). Nothing like the smell of Christmas cookies in the house!

|Listened to| lots of people talk – some of them had something interesting to say…
|Read| papers, papers and papers
|Watched| Emotifs anonymes (finally!), Hokuspokus (G didn’t know it tsk, tsk, tsk) and, oh yes, lots of episodes of the Good Wife (we both had a cold…)
|Did| submitted my first paper abstract, struggled with cold and too much work, met for lunch with old and new friends
|Learned|reminded that things are not what they seem – sometimes
|Ate| the new ‘spaghetti’ version (squash + tomato sauce + meatballs) and no, it doesn’t taste anything like spaghetti (not even close). Apparently it’s supposed to look similar, but we failed on that too…
|Drank| lots of tea
|Thought| alsdkfjkgjkagdsjkhadfskljdfsajkladsfjkldfsjkl!!!!! (censored)
|Was happy|to have friends and family to call when I need them
|Wished| for the Christmas break to start – NOW!
|Planned| Do some sewing (e.g. fix that dress) – seriously work on those Christmas presents
|Bought|some sale things at Anthropology thanks to Stephi’s hint (talk about the usefulness of social networks!)

Have a happy first of Advent tomorrow!


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