Without heat again FFF

And there we are sitting here with no heating again…. same boiler problem – so much for the xxx (insert appropriate word) plumber, who came, looked at it and concluded that I was a hysteric female with too much imagination. The 2 fire alarms that went off Wednesday evening after having switched the heating on for 10 minutes were definitely not imagined. Ah, nothing better than a cosy evening at home, sitting in fumes of burned plastic and opening every available window to air out the smell at -2 degrees C…. not!  The replacement part is supposed to arrive this morning. Hopefully we’ll then have heating and hot water again. Poor G’s managed to get another cold and is coughing and in need for a hot bath… keep your fingers crossed for us! In the meantime, some fun with Stephis FFF.

1.) Warst du brav? Have you been good?

was good

I guess, this is what we didn’t eat for a long, long, LONG time!
2.) Was wünschst du dir vom Weihnachtsmann? What do you wish Father Christmas would bring you?

alternative Christmas tree

I have handed in my list, so we’ll see 🙂 G pointed out that this might look like a show home picture, but I think it’s only because you don’t see what’s outside of the eye of the camera.
3.) Was hält dich warm? What is keeping you warm?

holding me warmKeeping me warm right now: that would be our US-trip blanket, my self-knitted scarf (my Christmas gift from G last year), several layers of t-shirts and a woolly jumper as well as my duvet (not in the picture 2 fan heaters and, of course, the hair-dryer)
4.) Ist wahr? What is true?

lion at SouthbankI always find grumpy (or other) lions around London.

5.) Was war gut? What was good?

catching up

Catching up with old friends over lunch and meeting-up with the girls after work – and skipping the invitation to go to a statistics R course – for now at least. Have a lovely Advent-weekend!

UPDATE: boiler has been fixed and the heating is on again! Hot bath to follow later… Thanks for all your good wishes!


10 thoughts on “Without heat again FFF

  1. rosaundlimone says:

    Oh je du Arme, aber das hatten wir heute auch schon, die Heizung war bitterkalt, aber mit nachgefülltem Wasser hat es wieder funktioniert. Dann viel Spass beim Tequila trinken, Nerven bewahren, Kuscheldecke holen und den Schneeflocken zuschauen…
    Schönes, verschneites WE und viele liebe Grüsse
    rosa & limone

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