Third Advent FFF

How did that happen? It’s Friday already, wasn’t it Monday just yesterday? Apparently not…since it’s time for Stephi’s FFF questions.

1.) Dich wie ein Kind gefühlt? Felt like a child?

golden AlbertPassing by the “golden Albert” in the cold – always reminds me of going out for a walk with my Mom in the winter, and getting a hot cup of cocoa afterwards – I had a mint tea instead, which is not the same, but cocoa is on the forbidden list (sigh)
2.) Da ist was dran? There is something to it..?

tomatoesTomatoes, not from the supermarket – and they are NOT round – they also taste better, more like… tomatoes.
3.) Was machst du gleich noch? What are you going to do?

meeting up

Meeting up with I – not necessarily in this particular spot, though.
4.) Gedacht “Das kann nicht wahr sein!” Though ‘That can’t be true?’

cookiesWe’re totally out of cookies!!!
5.) Fast geschrien? Nearly screamed?

sitting in the darkThis happened when the electrician came to do a survey of the house. This was a request from the agency – not us, although we did ask for one about 9 months ago, and ended up buying a power surge protector instead after we had a computer cable and the hair dryer fried… and I’m not even mentioning the fluctuation in power (light getting lighter or darker without touching the switch) – feels like Gaslight (yep, the movie with Ingrid Bergmann). So, I set in the dark, freezing (again!), and without internet (which was great, since I was just about to research pain receptors…). The electrician or the lady from the agency didn’t have the grace to come up were unavoidably detained and didn’t let me know when they were finished. Instead, they just left and also left the door open… dkjldskfhgskdgjhaskjh (censored).

Anyway, enough on that. Advent-weekend no.3 is almost upon us and we are planning a lot of things, like catching up with friends and celebrating survival of term 2, going salsa dancing, etc. I need to get out and hunt for G’s present part 2…. since G’s going to read this in her blog editorial capacity before one of you guys is reading it: it’s supposed to be soft and maybe grey. Part 1 is round, square and pale, by the way – want to  join in guessing? What are you going to do? (note from the editor (ehem!): dear M, since you started the guessing game, part of my gift for you is also grey, soft, a-symmetrical and arguably intelligent… have fun!)


8 thoughts on “Third Advent FFF

  1. nike says:

    ihr habt´s nicht so mit dem strom, was? 😉
    lasst euch nicht ärgern und habt ein wundervolles wochenende! hier ist´s wieder schneefrei und es regnet … 😉 zahnarzt sagt, ist alles top – so mag ich ihn!

    • dotsandyarn says:

      Gas – Stom, wer braucht das schon? Vor allem in Winter… wohnen in diesen Gefilden erfordert manchmal sehr viel Geduld. Nagel durch die Plastikrohre (!) für die Heizung gedonnert, Gasleck im Haus (2x), Wassertank im Dachboden (danach wußten wir warum wir ständig Magen-Darm Sachen hatten)… vielleicht ich sollte da mal einen Post drüber schreiben 🙂

    • dotsandyarn says:

      Die sind aus der Ökokiste. Markt wie in DLand gibt’s nicht in der Form. Man kauft im Supermarkt oder, wenn man fortschrittlich ist, die Kiste. Schönen Advent zurück! M.

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