12 from 12

12 from 2012

Like last year 23qm Stil calls for the 12 from 12 also known as best pictures of 2012 – a difficult task! Of course now could ensue a post about what is important in life (and so fitting at the end of the year) – but this is not going to be it. If you want philosophical thoughts towards the end of the year, you’ll have to find them somewhere else. 🙂 What happened to us this year?


We went to visit old friends in Dresden, which came up with the coldest temperature for the entire year!

wedding quilt

We finished the wedding quilt – about 1 1/2 years too late for the actual wedding, but thankfully H&A are wonderful friends and too polite very happy to get their gift.

over london

E took us for a flight over London – which G enjoyed a lot and I enjoyed a bit less (but discovered that I have an amazing content in my handbag including plastic bags and second outfits..)


We had a lovely holiday including jogging through the woods (while it was still cool) for G, while I was allowed to walk down the hill and be picked up with the car to get back up after I had a spectacular near faint walking up the hill….


After considerable thought (some not so great test results from the lab and a worried doc) we both changed diet – funnily enough this diet is applicable for both our conditions (otherwise this would suck enormously – no other word for it). It’s always easier to change things when you have support and cooking separately for 2 would have been a nightmare! We epically failed with the new waffle recipe, but we are very successful in making pancakes on Sundays. And if you remember this G’s 49% on the way to her goal.


I started my PhD and this is what I see when I go home, although perhaps less blurry.


We tried to have a peaceful day in the week and have tried out various coffee places, meeting friends or catching up.

talking the bike

We started to use the bike to go places and to do shopping – not as scary than it was a couple of years ago. This is what happens if public transport becomes very expensive…

common room

We worked our way through problems at work….

baby L

We welcomed baby L and are waiting to welcome baby O – definitely another baby year!

expecting baby O


We celebrated birthdays, found new friends (virtual and real ones) – not a super great year, but not bad either. How was yours?


2 thoughts on “12 from 12

  1. nike says:

    ich schließ mich an, die bilder sind klasse! das achte ist besonders hübsch und die waffeln lassen mich gerade fast sabbern – wird zeit für die mittagspause!
    ein gesundes, glückliches & glitzerndes 2013

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