Advent does this to me, Easter too and definitely January: the need to (re-)organise the house/flat and when I discover a sign-up list for organising things at this point in time, I simply have to do it. I know, I know I should just lean back and enjoy that I did some Advent cleaning – on the other hand, one person can only do so much in 8 hours cleaning and some things had to be postponed. And so, long story short: I signed up to do the January Cure . Today’s task: make a list. The biggest challenge is that you’re only allowed 5 items per room maximum. Hmmm, but our flat is pretty small so our rooms are multifunctional… and we don’t know if you can stay in the flat when our contract runs out in March (silly 1 year rental agreements on the island –gmph). I guess, I just have to have 2 lists, one if we stay and one if we have to move … Are you affected by this sort of bug as well?


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