First FFF of the year

First week of term nearly done – all very exciting, just for the sheer fact that I have to be in college more often – nothing extravagant, just sitting in lectures as part of my shadow teaching existence. But you only have to look at the attempt to get a quick coffee between lectures: it is challenging if everyone has to eat in the same spot and almost at the same time! It’s all in one place! There is no student union where you could have some food or our ‘beloved’ Mensas at home where we would screen the food plan for the week to avoid certain Mensas (yes there are several) on certain days – there are limits to what I actually am willing to eat (some of their ‘international days’  were not part of it). So mental note for next week: take the coffee with me!
Our Brazilian friend, MP, is going to arrive today to stay with J waiting for the arrival of baby O – all very exciting!! Can’t wait to meet both of them, but it looks like O will probably take her time before she makes her appearance….

Although I really enjoyed the break over Christmas (and catching up with family and friends at home – so nice to report science dramas to people you know and getting all the gossip as well…hmm) I really missed Stephi’s FFF! How have you guys all been? Did you have a good break and a great start into 2013??

1.) Das Weihnachtsgeschenk, mit dem du am meisten Zeit verbracht hast? The Christmas gift you spent most time with?

yoghurt maker


Difficult thing – apart from books of course – this would be the new cheese and yoghurt maker and for G probably the earrings – Something pale, round but somehow square…
2.) Erste Shoppingbestellung 2013? First shopping order in 2013? –

shopping order


In terms of online order? That would be food – so that we’d have something delivered on the day we came home. Otherwise, we tried the new outlet close to the Holland border and totally loved it – probably because we don’t spend too much time in those places or probably because I dragged G into More&More and she could find stuff in her size for the first time, not sure which one. I have to say, they’d improve hugely (in all our eyes) if they would have more places to sit down, two (one of them McD) coffee shops are not going to cut it!

3.) Irgendwie seltsam, aber auch irgendwie lustig? Strange, but funny at the same time?


My new plush toy: a neuron (do you think, it would be a good idea, if I used it for my next lecture?)  – you remember G said she’d give me something soft, grey and intelligent? Yes, it was a neuron (and thanks N for keeping a straight face and adding to the fun in trying to guess my present –  I’m not entirely sure if I could have done it after having seen it.)

4.) Ist bei dir schon Frühling oder weihnachtest du noch?  Have you invited spring into your home already or are you still keeping the Christmas decorations? We were really on time removing Christmas decorations right after Epiphany (for a change) – probably due to The Cure (see flowers with neuron). And guys, great news – we can stay in our place for another year, no need to pack everything into boxes again! Home improvement – here we come!

5.) Heute brauchst du viel? Today you need a lot of…? Caffeine, I guess – so much to do. I intend to pack up my stuff and work in the coffee shop later (really, doing excerpts does not require total silence) and I want to go to R’s concert in the National Gallery to officially start the weekend – maybe a revival of our cultural outings? I’ll try to have a look at what everyone came up with – have a fantastic weekend!caffeine


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