Weekend Chores

weekend chores


How was your weekend? We threw ourselves into the January Cure – or maybe I should say I threw myself, and somehow dragged G into it as well… and then we dove head first into purging the closet and our clothes boxes stored elsewhere in the flat (because, you know, 1 closet for 2 girls = recipe for disaster). The Cure actually didn’t ask for exactly this task (in fact it was stock up on green cleaning products, hoover/mop the floor and buy flowers, if I remember correctly), but since G’s schedule sometimes can’t be predicted I though I’d grab her while she was available. Throwing away other peoples’ clothes somehow doesn’t seem like such a great idea… Sometimes you do it with your boyfriends’ clothes and then you can either sit down for a very long discussion why it was necessary to throw away the old (favourite – of course) pair of years, which basically looked like a Swiss cheese and was only hanging together by the sheer amount of his willpower – or you can try the ‘wide-eyed-bunny-look’ and say ‘what pair of jeans?’ Although for me usually the ‘wide-eyed-bunny-look’ morphs into the discussion part and I generally end up spending some painful time shopping for a new pair of jeans. These will – of course – never ever be his favourite pair of jeans (you have just destroyed the only pair available worldwide) … until they resemble the pair you just threw away…

Purging the closet was high on my list, especially since G managed to diminish herself loosing a fantastic amount of weight (almost at 49% on the way to target weight!) and we have been collecting clothes she outgrew in a box for the last couple of months. So Sunday evening we proceeded to schlep bags full of clothes out of the house, completely emptying out 2 clothes boxes. YEY! Let’s see how we keep up this week.


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