Weekend Chores no.2

Sunday work prep

…or how we spectacularly failed ‘The Cure‘ weekend no.2 – which actually meant cleaning the kitchen top to bottom and cook a meal. Cook a meal we did: Wirsingeintopf after Arthurs Tochter kocht (or Arthur’s daughter cooks). The second year in the row this recipe rocks the winter season. It’s maybe a little intensive on the preparation side (e.g. blanch the savoy cabbage leaves) but since everything cooks in the oven for a long time there is ample time to clean up the mess. As for the intensive cleaning….

Instead, we had a wonderful Saturday looking at things on sale, finding me a new coat (thanks to G!), talking for hours over a coffee and going out for dinner. Sunday saw some intensive prep for work and then dinner (see: cooked meal) and a fantastic game night with R&N in their new place (can’t remember when I laughed so much)- thankfully they don’t live too far away: we stayed until 1am, on a school night! Honestly!!T So yes, almost 0 point for ‘The Cure‘ weekend no.2, but since we have already tackled the bedroom we could easily switch this weekend around…will we manage it? Have a great Wednesday!


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