Weekend Chores No.3

Weekend cleaning chores

We are back on track for the January Cure! Despite a slightly challenging weekend, we managed to get back on track with the cleaning schedule. I know, I know, the schedule foresaw ‘cleaning the bedroom’, but we already did that during the first weekend...or most of it, as it turned out.

We started on Saturday with finishing up the bedroom closet space: inspection of shoes only – somehow that had escaped us earlier… One does wonder why, since we did a closet purge of the clothes hanging above the shoes, it’s less than logical not to have done the shoes at the same time, but there you go. Now we managed that. It also involved the bathroom and throwing away lots of glossybox samples and other out-dated products. Read: bottles that are 99.9% empty, but because the product was so nice couldn’t be thrown away, or things none of us used, but since we didn’t speak about it we always assumed the other one was using them…

Sunday saw us in the kitchen: cleaning the oven (eek!), throwing away things we never use; packing up food we can’t eat anymore (thanks to the diet); making a list of all spices we have used up to 99.9% and a) need to find a good replacement here or b) need to buy in Paris next time we’re there; cleaning the open shelves, the drawers (I clean the fridge regularly anyway); re-organising the cleaning products under the sink and using the hoover and microfibre cloths at various points until everything was (mostly) done. We freed up some more storage space and we have to see what to do with it now, but since the living room continuous seemingly into the kitchen (like in built-in shelves) we can tackle this problem next weekend when we’re back on track with the challenge of  (include scary music here) the living room. Hope you all have a great start into the week!


2 thoughts on “Weekend Chores No.3

    • dotsandyarn says:

      Oh so sweet of you!! Originally I signed up for it to keep me motivated to actually do some de-cluttering, but G loved the idea and it transformed into a big project. Lots of fun! A bit sad that it’s finished, but now there is room/time to do some sewing again!

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