Photo Friday

I can’t even begin to express how much I’m looking forward to the weekend! This week has been particularly challenging for all sorts of reasons, one of it being the big talk  about my research – it’s still going in a direction I like and which keeps me motivated. Good thing! This is also the last big cleaning weekend for ‘The Cure’ (wonder what we’ll do next?). So we’ll be tackling the living room problems…. we’ve revived our weekend list idea (which also include breaks this time!), so we should be able to manage it – famous last words… But before we throw ourselves into Friday’s work it’s time for Photo Friday.

1.) Dein liebstes Ritual Zuhause? Your favourite ritual at home?

Sorry to disappoint, but I really try not to have too many rituals – other than periodically cleaning… I’ve been trying hard not to, because as a singer (even though I’m not performing that often anymore) one is particularly prone to rituals and all their implications – like: if I do/eat/find this than I’ll have a good performance. Not a good road to take.

2.) Dein Lieblingsplatz? Your favorite place?

Tilly 2 and Katze

With Tilly 2 and Katze

3.) Was soll eigentlich keiner sehen? Nobody should see this…

piling up in the kitchen

…that sometimes things tend to pile up in the kitchen…

4.) Freust du dich immer wieder drüber? You’re always happy about?

5.) Deine liebste Lampe? Your favourite lamp?

favorite lamp

Not sure if it’s my favourite lamp, but I like this one. Lamps have the tendency to be super expensive – especially when I like them, minor flaw in the grand scheme of things.

I’ll have a look at all your guys’ answers in a while (need to figure out my working schedule for the day…) and hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


7 thoughts on “Photo Friday

  1. Lolle Pampolle says:

    Süße Viecher habt ihr da auf der Couch! 🙂 Und das mit den Ritualen kenne ich. Im Pädagogikunterricht damals haben wir gelernt dass sie sich auch zu Neurosen auswachsen können. (Vorher hatte ich das auch: “Wenn ich heute den gleichen Pulli anziehe wie gestern wird der Tag heute genauso toll wie gestern.” Danach hab’ ich mir das dann schnell abgewöhnt!)
    Wünsche euch ein schönes Wochenende und weiterhin viel Erfolg beim January Cure! 🙂

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