Last weekend big cleaning

saturday rest and coffee

How is your week going so far? This one only seems slightly less tiring than the last one… After what felt like an endless week, we needed a rest on Saturday – talk, coffee and re-group. Sunday, we tackled the living room: de-clutter (big time), dust all the books and scores, getting rid of old paper, re-purpose the bike rag (since I can’t hang mine up or take it down- and I have to carry it down the stairs we ended up not using it so much), dust, hoover, mop… Some things didn’t quite work out as we anticipated though. If anyone has a recommendation for cut-to-size foam, which doesn’t cost an arm and leg (and preferably here) I’d be really grateful – I believe they quoted us 60 GBP for a small cushion – foam not gold. I can’t believe that was the last weekend of the January Cure, we really enjoyed doing all the cleaning (strangely enough) and it’s great to have a (mostly) de-clutter space. Now maybe we can start to sew again…


2 thoughts on “Last weekend big cleaning

  1. N says:

    for foam cut-to-size, try Pentonville Rubber on Pentonville Road between King’s Cross and Angel. I know it’s not your part of town, but they do custom orders at reasonable price.

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