What makes you happy FFF

So many times we go through our daily life without noticing all the wonderful things/people we have in it. Therefore Stephi thought it would be great to do a Photo Friday showing just that. Are you on board?

spending time with friends

spending time with friends – and sunshine sitting in the park – the last two preferably together.






family – here represented by little A (in his botanist moment)


holidays – in this case our trip to the US some years back – makes us happy looking at the pictures – always

This is an unusual super-short post but my application has to be in today, so I’ll be working madly until this has happened – and then keel over sideways relax and start the weekend and look at all your happy suggestions. Have a great Karneval back home and a wonderful weekend!


6 thoughts on “What makes you happy FFF

    • relleoMein says:

      Oh ja da hat Nike recht, jetzt mit einer schicken Zeitschrift im T-Shirt im Park sitzen, ein Zitroneneis in der Hand…hach ich könnt glatt zur Tagträumerin werden…aber bald ist es soweit! Regenbögen finde ich auch super, hab aber leider kein Foto von so einem wie deinem! LGH

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