Fashion FFF

Nearly weekend, guys!  Before we head off to do some more work, today’s Photo Friday (or Foto Freitag) will be about fashion: five piece from our wardrobe that tell a story – of some sort.

folk tunic

G’s (hand embroidered!) Ukrainian folk tunic, that I have adopted…

inca cable pullover

G’s wonderfully knitted Inca cable pullover (and it didn’t take her ages to make it). For really cold days

good mood t-shirt

My favourite shirt against bad mood – can you see why?

emergency dress

G’s ’emergency dress’ from last year – a total hit! The story behind it: we were supposed to meet up for lunch, but when I arrived, G had had an accident tripping over something tearing the seem at the bottom of her dress, and to top it off spilling some coffee over it… Instead of a quiet lunch in the sun, we rushed over to the shop and managed to find a replacement dress. Never done that before!

black dressMy black velvet concert dress, which I bought for a Church concert. Obviously one wants to have the arms covered for certain occasions, and this one doesn’t fit that criteria (the transparent arms were added later!). I saw it in the shop, tried it on and it looked great – but I didn’t want to buy it, since there was additional sewing needed and the price was too high. Somehow that dress was determined to go out with me, because the zipper broke…. I got stuck in the dress until the manager came in (he was called back from his lunch break) and cut the zipper out. They gave it to me half price… did something like that ever happen to you? Hope you have a great weekend!


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