Nearly there

weekend1Late winter is getting on my nerves, the weather is not getting any warmer (although it seems like we get more light, but not much sunshine) and with working over-time (on G’s part) and on my paper, holding a short presentation, racing around college (this means running from the basement to the 6th floor several times -without an elevator – we should come up with an internal college workout!)  twisting my neck and, in G’s case, catching another cold, we’re really looking forward to the weekend! We did manage to see J and little O last weekend- O is such a sweet little (or rather long) baby and, compared to other babies like my nephew, relatively quiet – at least she was that day.  Little A had quite a loud voice at that age, but then he comes from a musicians’ family, so there might be some serious singers’ genes in his gene pool. I totally forgot to take my usual 300 pictures, so you have to just believe my words.

There is no FFF this week as you can see, but there is a challenge for the one next week: five things you always wanted to do, but didn’t dare, had the time, …. hmm, this will be interesting.  At the moment everything seems to be more interesting than work. The challenge seems to be: how much can I accomplish if I work only 1/2 a day and keep on dawdling….? I could knit, listen to my audiobook, go and finally caulk those window sills, put some fabric up to block out the air flow from the windows….  plus, Heike not only managed to successfully plant an earworm into my brain but also tempted me to check out all her FFF-replacement suggestions… Ok, stop –sigh! This has to wait until the afternoon!! Have a great weekend guys!


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