Do I dare?

This FFF (Photo Friday) is about daring… five things you always wanted to do, but never did,  because of time, nerves … (insert other excuses). This past week (ever since last Friday actually) turned out to be a sick week, so daring things was not top of the list – unless you count taking care of oneself as daring… However, we have managed to come up with some things we dared:

staying away from carbs

Since last year, we dared to change our diet radically and have stayed away from carbs (and other things) – purely for health reasons. This was sometimes really hard! Funnily enough, in a way the good results  support the theory my sister presented in her doctoral thesis – weird how things turn out!

Despite our slightly complex diet, we dared to delegate making dessert — you have no idea how picky I get with food, but then you would do the same if in the past people have tried to smuggle things into your food to try and see if you really can’t eat them… so wonderful to have to throw up during a dinner party (not!)… But N’s dessert was simply perfect – both to look at and to eat! So, yey – that worked out well, too!

daring to take the bus

We dared to take the bus – if you know London traffic, you will appreciate the daring factor here. If not, try it next time you’re here and try to make it somewhere on time during peak traffic… It didn’t work out at all yesterday morning and I had to cancel my morning meeting, which threw off my entire time table for the day.

Presentation preparation

I dared to give a neurological lecture in a music college environment about the effects of the music on the brain… I was told musicians wouldn’t be able to understand it… really, one should give musicians more credit! I had great feedback, yey again.

taking a bathWe dared to take care of ourselves and stayed at home (although there was basically no other option), but it still felt like a dare, since there is so much to do at the moment for both of us. I’m quite curious what the rest of you came up with and it will certainly  keep me entertained today between sending out 150 emails chasing students. Have a great weekend everyone!


6 thoughts on “Do I dare?

    • dotsandyarn says:

      Das waren individuelle gebackene Käsekuchen mit Heidelbeerkompott und extra Sahne -um dem Stress abzubauen… 🙂
      Dir auch ein tolles Wochenende! M.

  1. Katharina (3überfräuleins) says:

    Ich versuche auch gerade auf Weizen zu verzichten und in dem tollen Buch Vegan for fit werden in zahlreichen Rezepten einfach die Nudeln durch Zucchini (wie Bandnudeln geschält) ersetzt. Und das ist sehr lecker!!!
    Ein schönes Wochenende wünscht Katharina von den 3überfräuleins

    • dotsandyarn says:

      Wenn’s nur Weizen wär… 🙂 das mit den Zucchini muss ich unbedingt versuchen (scheiterte bisher am Schäler) schönes Wochenende zurück! M.

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