We made it again

Sometimes I think we’re never going to make it to see spring this year! Snow (although not nearly as bad as I’ve seen in Germany), hail, and this kind of wet, cold weather that pierces through all your layers of clothes. Ughhh! This was particularly great when we had to rush out yesterday night to do an emergency laptop pick-up so that it can go with T on a mission trip to Africa. Friday is (usually) my home office day, so at least I don’t have to race out – theoretically…. but first time for FFF (Photo Friday).

1.) Entzückend? Delightful?



2.) Auf den letzten Drücker? Right up to the last minute?

writing up

writing up things – deadlines are there for a reason, are they not?

3.) Wo warst du diese Woche glücklich? Where were you happy this week?

breakfast in bed

Particularly happy about my bed – and when G makes pancakes during the week for breakfast!

4.) Wird demnächst ausprobiert? What are you going to try out next?

on the other side of exams

on the other side of exams – supervising instead of writing

5.) Highlight des Tages? Highlight of the day?

The chaos caused by a broken pipe under the kitchen sink. This pipe is unfortunately also connected to the pipes from the washer and dishwasher – ahhh! Sorry, no pictures (yet), I have to deal with sorting out the mess first. I also might need to make a trip to B&Q to get some replacement parts. Yes, I know in theory the owner (or management company) should look after those problems, but our girl is so… busy, that it would take a couple of weeks until it gets tackled. I can’t delay the washing that long, we need clothes…. Happy weekend!


2 thoughts on “We made it again

  1. Anni says:

    Oh nein!! Dann ganz viel Erfolg beim Ersatzteile-Shoppen! Ohne Haushaltshilfen macht das Leben keinen Spaß!
    Pfannkuchen will ich am Wochenende auch mal wieder frühstücken! Danke für die Erinnerung. 🙂
    Happy Weekend und liebste Grüße!

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