Ante Easter FFF

The ante-Easter FFF edition – with absolutely no reflection that it is Good Friday today, but taking into account that we went to Paris with N on Wednesday – just for the day. I wish we were going on a long holiday, but we have to make do with some days off. Anyone going to a nice sunny place for the Easter break? Have a few sun beams for us, please! And so we jump right into this week’s questions:

1.) Das Leckerste der Woche? The most delicious thing of the week?

metroAccording to this add found in several métro stations, these are great biscuits…. and I’m sure H would agree. When we shared a place we always had them in the house. We didn’t cook anything special this week, but are planning to try to do some Osso bucco for our Easter lunch and maybe some version of this for dessert.
2.) Nicht nachgedacht, einfach gemacht? Didn’t think – just did it?

ParisBought tickets to go to Paris for the day – actually we did this in January already – I guess, some thinking ahead was involved after all. It was just great to escape the routine even for just one day. And going to Paris always feels like going home.
3.) Was ist diese Woche (fast) schief gegangen? What (nearly) went wrong this week?


We had to stop at various points to avoid crashing. We had to have a spontaneous lunch break outside (at 5 degrees Celsius) and feed G so she wouldn’t faint – this happens if you work too much…
4.) Was hättest du am liebsten gekauft? What would you have loved to buy?


Many more spices, some honey, a good cheese grater… the list is endless in this shop! Really happy that they have a knowledgeable, friendly person working there again (the time before was a bit disappointing) to help us find new spices, talk about food and recipes (and it turned out that I was already eating cinnamon in savoury dishes as G reminded me that she put it into the meatballs we took with us for lunch… )

5.) Das größte Glück? The greatest happiness? OMG, this is a bit broad… Family? Friends? Health? All of the above?hapiness

For all of this (and more) this pictures that G took on our daily walks during our last summer holiday. Time to catch up with life, time to see friends and family, time to make the brain work at low speed (instead of ultrasonic) – just time to enjoy and breathe. Hope you all have a fantastic Easter weekend and find a lot of (chocolate) eggs!


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