I wish it was spring FFF

And they call this spring? I want to stroll to our favourite coffee shop without freezing in the icy wind, without woolly socks (or thermo tights). I love my winter boots (really, I do), but can we wear sandals now, please? It’s already time for the FFF, it still feels like Thursday, though, weird those short weeks…

1.) Gelacht? Laughed?  When I wrote about ‘sun beans’ in the last FFF… that was before G’s editing – she’s still chuckling about it.
2.) Gemacht? Did?

twinkle lightsWe’ve hung up the twinkle lights we brought back from Paris last week. This basically meant trying them out in every possible corner of the room until we settled for this one (for the moment…).  It might be a good thing that we did, because the lights in our bathroom left us (no enlightening factor for Easter, at least in the bathroom). I have no idea if the transformer broke or what, but you can’t switch on the lights. I know, we should have invested in some solar energy lamps instead, currently we are illuminating the bathroom with candles until they can send someone to fix it….
3.) Gedacht “Ach…”? Thought: ‘Oh…’?

sick in bed… is that really necessary? After weeks with the flu I managed to catch G’s weird stomach bug and all I want to eat is apple sauce (otherwise known as Apfelmus) and drink litres of tea.
4.) Gegessen? Ate?osso bucco

Osso bucco with orange sauce on cauliflower couscous  followed by some fantastic cheesecake (the new crust with dates and hazelnuts is great!) – our Easter menu
5.) Gefreut? Was happy?


The little bit of spring G brought back when she dashed out to to the butcher’s on Saturday while I went home – because we can’t read numbers and thought that our supermarket delivery was going to be delivered at that time… turned out we had another hour… Hope you guys have a lovely weekend!


5 thoughts on “I wish it was spring FFF

  1. Lolle Pampolle says:

    Die Lichterkette finde ich richtig toll! 🙂
    Eure Gas-, Wasser-, Elektrizitätsprobleme sind anscheinend eine never-ending-story, was? Hoffe ihr müsst bald nicht mehr im Dunkeln sitzen! …wobei Kerzen im Bad ja auch sehr gemütlich sein können. 🙂
    Happy Weekend und liebste Grüße!

    • dotsandyarn says:

      Scheint so, oft aber normal wenn man hier mietet. Andererseits mit Kerzenlicht sieht die Falten – Verzeihung Linien – im Gesicht nicht so und fühlt sich gleich jünger 🙂

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