Fast FFF

We had some sunshine this week and a first real attempt at spring. Yey! We managed to get the light in the bathroom fixed – yesterday morning, and hey, it’s going to work again for some months. The fluctuations in the electrical current are so big that sooner or later the transformer is going to fry again. Well, so here goes (very quickly) – right into this week’s FFF:

1.) Etwas Aufregendes? Something exiting?

tiesMy parents are here for a visit and to go to a friend’s wedding in Yorkshire today – and forgot to bring a tie. So G organised a selection… we chose the lilac one – Dad didn’t get too much of a say… 🙂
2.) Etwas Neues? Something new?

newWe (finally) managed to get these old chairs a new cover – totally removable. Why did we wait so long to do this? It looks so much better now!
3.) Etwas Schönes? Something beautiful?

beautifulWe met lovely friends N&R whom we hadn’t seen for some weeks and chatted the entire afternoon about lots of things. When we got home they sent us a text: we forgot to tell you “we eloped and got married” – how can you forget to mention this an entire afternoon??!!
4.) Etwas Blumiges? Something flowery?

flowerySunshine on the way to the ‘place where all the mad people are’ (formerly known as college) to sign a paper that I forgot to sign so they can pay me.
5.) Etwas auf deinem Schreibtisch, das du sehr liebst? Something on your desk that you love very much?on my deskTechnically I don’t have a desk anymore. Since we moved into this tiny place I had to get rid of my desk. I use G’s desk, which also doubles up as dining table (or sewing table). Maybe, I should write a post on how to survive in a mini flat 🙂 I’m now trying to get all my ducks in a row before we head off to York for the day tomorrow. Hope you all have a great weekend!


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