TGI Friday FFF

I keep wanting to write a post not related to the FFF, but it’s been so hectic in the last months that I never manage to finish a post before Stephi pushes out the questions for a new FFF. And I really enjoy taking part and reading everyone’s answers. I guess it has to wait until we found a modus vivendi with less stress… until this happens a new week with new Friday questions:

1.) Worauf bist du stolz wie Bolle? What are you super proud of? (Already had some translation problems / fun with Spaß wie Bolle see here)

super proud

York Minster view from the city walls

Super proud that we made it to York last weekend despite everything – and even managed a lunch with the newly weds the day after their wedding; plus a first glimpse at the wedding pictures! G hasn’t been up here before, so it was a first – including an evensong in York Minster, walking around on the old city walls, following the cats trail (new thing for me too) and the (obligatory) tea (or rather coffee) at Betty’s.

2.) Wo genießt du dieses Wochenende die Sonne? Where will you enjoy the sunshine this weekend?
…..There is supposed to be sun this weekend…?

sun this weekendIf there is sun this weekend we will take the bike and have a coffee at our local coffee shop – if it rains we’ll do the same, but we’ll have the coffee inside then.

3.) Was hat dich gut durch die Woche gebracht? What carried you through the week? Pain killers – you don’t need a picture of that, do you?

4.) Auf deiner to-do-Liste? On your to-do-list? What is not on my to-do-list is the better question…


G with a to-do-list to organise the meals for the week

Work-wise: finish presentation for next week, fill out application for scholarships, set up/prep meetings with supervisors, write up some sub-chapters, start editing process for the conference proceedings, maybe I should brush up on the duet I want to do with R if I don’t want to look entirely stupid… – and the non-negotiable rest (this is another point where chronic illness sucks – as if there weren’t enough of them anyway…). Home-front: clean, wash, tidy up, cook, and repeat – probably also replace the sofa cushions (once I get paid, which might take a while) and fun wise: catch-up with friends who have been away and apparently look at tons of pictures and drink coffee. That should do for a start – don’t you think?

5.) Aufgefüllt? Refilled?


Being in the same place as my parents and talking for hours…and catching my Dad’s cold. Not that the latter was planned.
I will definitely enjoy reading your answers/look at your pictures today in my breaks! Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


6 thoughts on “TGI Friday FFF

  1. relleoMein says:

    Och nö, du hattest auch eine Erkältung diese Woche? Da hätten wir ja gemeinsam leiden können 🙂 Und bei uns ist auch noch Regen fürs WE angesagt, so was gemeines…Schöne Fotos bei Dir…gefallen mir alle sehr gut! Ich wünsch Dir ein schönes WE mit leckerem Kaffee…LGH

  2. Lilamalerie says:

    Das ist ja echt Pech, endlich Frühling und dann krank sein 😦
    Gute Besserung für dich.
    Und das Foto mit den Kirschblüten ist ja traumhaft, pure springtime .
    Bei dem ersten Bild dachte ich erst, dass es sich um die Winchester Kathedrale handelte, aber der Stil ist halt der Gleiche.
    Ein schönes Wochenende und LG,

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