FFF 26.04

And without further ado – this week’s questions:

1.) Woran hattes du diese Woche Spaß? Where did you have fun this week?

packing up after presentation

packing up the orchestra after a presentation – not mine this time

I’m inclined to say my presentation in which I was supposed to summarise what I have done/worked on this academic year – although technically I don’t know if fun in the correct word. I had fun once I stood there and there was a good flow of things. GW, my doctoral colleague, let me borrow his laptop with some awesome software on it –  not only can you see the next slide, but also keep an eye on the time  (we were supposed to be pretty exact with timing). I was pretty down on myself before, however, for not getting ‘the flow’ in my trials. G was a real trooper and listened to several versions of it, cheering me on.

2.) Was geht am Wochenende? What are you doing this weekend?- (picture still to come)

Still some scholarship applications on the list, but also some fun things: the Gorch Fock is in town, down at the West India Docs and can be visited – if you are older than 12 years and wear reasonable shoes – I think can manage both, and possibly a brunch with J and little O.

3.) Der Hit? The highlight?

triafalgar square

Trafalgar square view from the top deck of a bus

In a different sense of the word: my self-destructing iPhone and emergency trip to the Covent Garden store on Monday, where they were able to re-set it – but now my laptop is not working properly: iTunes makes the whole thing freeze and I can’t even get the diagnose software up because it freezes as well, any flash player and – yes, it freezes….

4.) In Planung? In planning?

doctoral students - not pictured - talking about conference trip

doctoral students – not pictured, but sitting in this room – talking about conference trips

Conference trip to Vienna in August – any tips where I need to go, places to stay, what do I need to see? I’ve been twice before so if you have secret tips, I’m listening! I don’t know how much time we’ll have, because we are actually helping with the organisation as well (plus my own presentation), but we will definitely have Sunday off!
5.) Und sonst so? What else is up?


I’m actually trying to enjoy the sunshine after catching one bug after the other (flu – stomach bug – cold), I try to make the most out of it. Both G and I found that we worked (and worried) so much that we needed to take action. Lists have been done to get our thoughts out and in order, and we are working less definitively try to work less work and put more relaxation into our life.

I have a short (mandatory) working day today (e.g chasing students) and then I can meet up with G for lunch, get some breaks from writing and look at what you guys are planning for the weekend. Hope you get to do some lovely things! Happy weekend!


3 thoughts on “FFF 26.04

  1. Jules kleines Freudenhaus says:

    Hach tolle Bilder, ich muss auch mal wieder nach London…

    Ja Wien Tipps… Da kann ich dir “nur” meine beiden alten Posts hier empfehlen:



    Hoffe, es ist etwas dabei? Das Cafe Freiraum, Schloss Schönbrunn, Aida Cafes und unser Hotel waren super!

    Allerliebste Grüße

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