FFF 3.05

Also known as FFF before the bank holiday weekend. Since we have no public holiday on the 1st of May (unlike almost everyone else in Europe…) we have the first big bank holiday weekend now (which means no work on Monday). Thanks so much for all your tips for Vienna! Keep them coming!

1.) Dein Bild der Woche? Picture of the week?

gorch fock
2.) Was wirst du heute nicht machen? What are you not going to do today?

wild garlicI won’t make wild garlic pesto (or Baerlauchpesto), make salted banana chips (very addictive, should come with a warning sign) or try to make courgette chips and cutting them too small so reducing them a version of courgette paper. Instead, you will find me trying to finish one sub-chapter.
3.) Was hat dich diese Woche überrascht? What surprised you this week?


How paper thin I can shrink courgettes.
4.) Wofür hattest du viel zu wenig Zeit? For what didn’t you have enough time?

For anything not work-related. The tower-with-a-vision-of-the-shard picture is somehow representative for what we didn’t have time the last months (thanks to the great combo of flu then stomach bug then cold). We somehow forgot that we actually live in London…. as far as the cultural things go.

5.) Mit wem oder was hast du schöner Weise viel Zeit verbracht? With whom or what did you spend a great time?

great time

Girls brunch with J & O (who is just about to go to sleep in this picture) – she is such a friendly little baby. She didn’t mind at all being in the Cafe for hours and was very interested in looking at cars, totally not fazed by our conversations. So nice to catch up regularly now that we don’t bump into each other in the kitchen anymore. What are your plans for the weekend? We will try and have a go at the balcony – weather permitting, of course, maybe sew a bit, maybe manage to catch up with T and her horror stories (involves a poisonous spider bite), and definitely finally catching up with H, who is in the UK  for a little while – ah, and sleeping in!


9 thoughts on “FFF 3.05

    • dotsandyarn says:

      Nicht wahr? Ausschlafen ist (fast) immer ein guter Plan. Für den Balkon muss ich noch dem Laden an der Ecke eine Palette abjagen, mal sehen wie das wird…

    • dotsandyarn says:

      You have a new sewing machine??? Super! Any plans what to sew first? Hmm, somehow I think you’d still get up much earlier than we do… 🙂 Happy weekend, M

      • nora says:

        DPN bag and curtains – and I have the fabric even cut out! But a bit apprehensive about opening the box…in case the machine is unusable (it will need a service anyway).

      • dotsandyarn says:

        Ah sounds like great plans! Best tip I got for ours curtains was to pin the hem while they were hanging – floor is never even…. 🙂

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