FFF 17.05

Could we just erase the previous week from the calendar, please? I’ve been thrown onto my bed with a crushing migraine for days. I couldn’t even write my traditional cfids/me awareness post on the 12th (sigh), which is pretty dear to my heart, and, of course no FFF fun last week (I slept as much as a baby and only just had enough strength to eat). Poor G has been doing everything all by herself (she’s a real trooper!). Thankfully it’s getting better and I’ll quickly write this before G’s going to rip the computer out of my hands  shut down my laptop so I get some rest. I meant to tell you about our bank holiday weekend (before I got hit by the migraine): we finally met up with H (after a year- eek!) and received some other news and we planted our new plants for the balcony… but now, quickly, what questions did Stephi come up with this week? – She has been a busy bee and launched her online shop for her copper dots… very tempting…check it out! When did that happen? Ah, yes right, I slept most of last week…

1.) A wie aufregend? How exciting?

roof terrase gardenRoof Terrace – The Spanish Garden –  or the calm before (in the middle of?) the storm. G snapped that picture during her one minute of peace in the middle of the event she had organised, when everyone was settled for the panel session.
2.) B wie besonders schön? Particularly beautiful?

urban gardeningOur own urban garden on our super small balcony – this includes a 120-year-old hosta (or a part of that plant) several lavender, one rosemary, and new plants: a ncurry plant, peas (currently already raising their heads out of the soil), rocket salad and peppermint – there is also one left from last year, but it’ll take a while to recover from the winter.
3.) C wie chaotisch? How chaotic? – Are you kidding me, with one person down, chaos is around us – and the picture is censored 🙂
4.) D wie deine große Liebe? Your big crush?

big crushI know, they are not new, but having spent (what feels like) an eternity in bed, they just make me happy when I can switch them on and see them from my bed.
5.) E wie eine einfache Idee? Like a simple idea?

embroideryEmbroidered napkins for N&R’s late wedding present (yes, we sewed the napkin, played around with some fonts and then hand embroidered, sounds not simple, but in the end wasn’t too difficult at all) – super traditional, I know, but we found that it suited them. Right, and now I have to close my eyes before I have to make my way to my editorial catch-up meeting and maybe (if I survive this) I can go the the arts fair on the weekend? What are your plans? I’m so curious to read about it even though it might take me a while. Happy weekend everyone!


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