FFF 24.05

Guys, thanks so much for all your lovely comments! I was quite touched!! I’m starting to feel better and try not to ruin this by working too much too soon…not easy!

We already started the weekend today! Well, we didn’t have much of one last week… Anyway now it’s time to do fun stuff…. and that’s why today will see torrential rainfall… so we can answer the Friday questions – head over to Stephi if you have not yet seen how this works. It seems that they don’t need much translation today, but they are quite hard to find answers to:

1.) Top-Team? Our choice this week: two family contenders with no ranking attached: C&R and B&L – all going through a particularly challenging times at the moment – loss and illness/surgery. All of them manage somehow to pull through because they are strong teams despite of being tested hard.love

2.) Top-Wahl? Top choicetop choice

Radically (or at least it felt like radically) changing our diet almost a year ago excluding lots of beloved food.

3.) Top-Outift? Oh dear, there are so many top outfits depending on the occasion. PJs were my top outfit during the last weeks, though I would not want to wear them outside of the house… top outfit

Comfy socks – ruin or make your top outfit complete? I’m working on what I would like to be my top summer outfit (and it’s not ready yet, so you can’t have any pictures) … if the summer ever comes and I conquer this pattern. Somehow the size seems to be a bit off or I dramatically lost weight over the last weeks. The first one seems more plausible though.

top deko

Seattle pike market

4.) Top-Deko?Fresh flowers, and you can change them depending on the season….

5.) Top-Film? Oh, oh, so difficult Maybe ‘Das fliegende Klassenzimmer’ – the flying classroom – (the old version) or ‘Drei Männer im Schnee’ – three men in the snow – all scripts after books by Erich Kästner. Or maybe a contemporary one… can’t decide… (sigh). Film or not, have a fantastic weekend whatever you are going to watch or do and maybe together we can persuade the weather to become more summery. Happy weekend!


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