Yesterday I talked to my little nephew on the phone: phone conversations (without any visual impact) usually go as follows: Me:”Halllo A?”…. breathing… Me:”Hallo?” …  breathingsigh … ‘Halloho?”…. hints from my sister that he needs to say something, because I am far away and can see him smiling … A.(trumpeting) “HALLOOOOOO!” This boy! I guess he is just used to skype when he can see me and show me things (or leave me/the phone on the kitchen floor…). Anyway, he mentioned I stopped glowing (meaning the light in the phone went out) and I need to switch it back on, but I think what he really means is I need more of this:

more shine

copper ideas: via

What…? You don’t think this is what he meant….? He likes shiny things though, I’m sure he would approve. Happy Wednesday!

PS If you are wondering where to find copper tape (like me) have a look in the garden centre: it’s against slugs and it’s not expensive at all… Did I tempt you now?


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