FFF 21.06

G writing this week… M thought I should give it a try, so here goes 🙂

And what a week it’s been – so many ups and downs, it’s hard to know where to start. Being let down badly by people you thought you could trust, but also meeting lovely people who make your day, challenges and nerves, some relaxation, some interior decorating and meditative wall-painting, lots of late hours in the office, never ending work, some creative ideas, a couple of inspiring and inspirational conversations, courageous people who make you want to emulate their example and make the world a better place (have a look here – the two men portrayed in this documentary came to the London screening of “Within the eye of the storm” this week – truly inspiring – and thanks to our friend, D, we heard about it and had the privilege to be there), pouring rain and lovely sunshine… there has been a bit of everything. So, to close the week, here is a little contribution to Foto-Frage-Freitag. Many thanks to Steffi for this week’s questions!

1.) Wichtig ist… (Important…)

Important? Friendship! This picture is from M and my (fairly regular) outings to T’s Cafe. Couldn’t ever do without the friendship – the thing that keeps me going when life is a little (or a lot) crazy

2.) Ein Wort, das du ständig benutzt? (A word you use all the time?)

Coffee – definitely one of my favourite words at the moment. Replaces sleep at times…. This one’s at Bea’s in Chelsea, a lovely little coffee shop that unfortunately had to close.

3.) Stimmt? (That’s right?)

Really true: the two of us managed to rearrange the living room and re-paint living room, kitchen, shelves and hallway in about 2-3 days . Here is a picture of the little book mountain that was waiting to make it back onto the shelves…

4.) Deine Beute der Woche? (Your catch of the week?)

Fresh strawberries to make strawberry butter… hmmmmm!

5.) Lieblingsoutfit der Woche? (Favourite outfit of the week?)

M’s fashionably orange toe nails

Have a lovely weekend!!



4 thoughts on “FFF 21.06

    • dotsandyarn says:

      Wirklich schade. Einen Bea Coffee Shop gibt’s noch bei St Paul’s glaube ich (wegen Neufinanzierung) aber da kommen wir nicht so leicht hin

    • dotsandyarn says:

      Da kriegt man sicher auch eine vegane Variante hin. Butter ist ja nur die Trägermasse damit man die frischen Erdbeeren aufs Brot kriegt und die nicht gleich wieder runterfallen 🙂 schönen Wochenanfang! M.

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