FFF 28.06

This is supposed to be summer? Why did I sew a summer dress? Ok, I almost finished it, but where is the motivation to work on the last seams? I have to put it away sigh. I’m sitting here with a jumper and hot coffee – not fun! Well, the coffee is fine, but a jumper in almost July? And… is that rain?? Maybe I should switch music? I’m currently listening to depressive meditative viola da gamba music… but first Stephi‘s Friday questions and then, maybe, some more coffee…

1.) Immer wieder gern? Gladly, time and again

take a breakTake a break in the park – although not necessarily with such a dramatic backdrop! It did not rain though!
2.) Immer Samstags? Always on Saturdays?

go out for coffeeUsually G and I go out for a coffee to talk about what happened in the week or how to sort things out. Normally we go to see P in his little coffee shop – it’s like having an extended family 🙂 This time we tried out the one next to our bike repair shop while we waited for G’s bike to be fixed.

3.) Immer wieder schön? Always lovely?

renovatingSome renovating: in this case painting, note the subtle green on the wall? Don’t you love it? It feels like we opened the space up – and it helped me to get rid of negative energy – of which I had a lot (and you would have it too, if you found out that your ideas that you have hatched and nurtured for a year are in the process of being stolen. I’m still not sure how to deal with the whole situation, but it’s been great to see that all my friends and family have my back. There were some moments when I felt like I was Paula Alquist in Gaslight. What, you don’t know the film yet? Go and watch it, it’s really great and for a while you might not even realise that it’s raining and supposed to be summer.)

4.) Immer ‘ne gute Idee? Always a great idea?

london at nightWalking across Waterloo bridge at night after a having been at the opera and having heard some great singing (and some mediocre singing) and watched  an incredibly unconvincing production.
5.) Einfach immer? Simply always?

musicMusic – always. I would have said friendship and family – but we had that last week 🙂 And it’s almost time for the weekend! Yey! I will do the blog round to see what you guys came up with. What are you plans for the weekend? Are you going to do something nice? G has a celebration dinner at her old college and I will have the flat all to myself – since we just painted and cleaned everything it is safe for G to go without then coming home to a totally exhausted me – having just turned everything upside down 🙂 Have a great weekend!


4 thoughts on “FFF 28.06

  1. Jutta von Kreativfieber says:

    Ach schön dass du auch in der neuen Heimat die münsteraner Fahrradkultur verbreitest 🙂 Die Antiblasensocken liiiiebe ich übrigens jetzt schon, ich hätte nicht gedacht dass das funktioniert und bin total erleichtert, dass ich endlich wieder grössere Runden rennen kann!
    Habt ein tolles Wochenende!

  2. nike says:

    endzeitstimmung im park … ein bisschen spooky.
    ja, das ist der samstagseinkauf und die flaschen gesunde säfte … 😉 und ja, es müßte immer musik da sein!
    happy weekend und immer dran denken “the trick is to keep breathing ..”

  3. Lolle Pampolle says:

    Und, hast du die Motivation gefunden um dein Sommerkleid fertig zu nähen? Oder doch lieber ein bisschen auf der Couch entspannt?
    Ich hoffe in jedem Fall, dass du ein schönes Wochenende hattest! 🙂
    Liebste Grüße!

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