FFF 5.06

It’s already time for Foto Freitag – how did this week creep by? We had a wonderful Sunday in the park (in the sun!!!) and apparently this weekend is supposed to be sunny too! Do I hear a picnic…? There are only 5 more papers to edit as far as official work for college goes (yey!) and then I can work on my own project again. So let’s tackle this and then the weekend can start, but first Stephi’s Friday questions:

1.) Jemand, mit dem du gerade viel Zeit verbringst? (kann sonst auch ein Gegenstand sein) Someone (or something) you spend a lot of time with?

spend timeAt lot of time is spent with my computer (either like this or with the big screen) – it’s time to bring some regular schedule into my day again and not edit until my eyes pop out. I have no idea though what the person heard when I said my name – the scribble on the cup is not even close to my name…
2.) Etwas, das du gern dabei hast? Something you like to have with you?

have with youSome make-up (and pain killers – not pictured) – I love this foundation: the best even skin tone ever – if it covered up the red spots my face develops when I get upset or angry (and I had a lot of that in the last 3 weeks), it would be the ultimate tool – but one can’t ask for everything in one product, right?

3.) Was tut dir im Moment gut? What makes you feel better?

makes you feel betterMeeting friends  – and, incidentally, have a good rant and (much needed) hugs.

4.) Was fandest du sehr lustig? What was very funny?

funnyMeeting in a musician’s lab… without words

5.) Gerne morgens? What do you like in the mornings?in the morning

Pancakes – although to be fair, I can have them at any point in the day – and with basically no grains left in my diet, not much transforms into fat on my hips – ha! And G makes great pancakes (sorry T). Usually we only have them for Sunday breakfast though… but technically I could eat them every morning…. Now back to some work and then I will finish this dress and might be able to wear it. Strangely, in this Burda pattern I have a size 2 in my upper body and a size 10 for my hips – go figure… I have to add some correcting seams for the neckline and the hem and then we’re done. What are your plans for this weekend? Are you going to have a picnic, read, sew? Whatever you do,  I hope you have a lovely time!.


6 thoughts on “FFF 5.06

  1. nike says:

    grainfree muss ich auch noch mal ausprobieren! vielleicht diesen sonntag? kein pc am we, jetzt bin ich wieder beim mac 😉 wünsch dir ein wunderbares wochenende mit herzensmenschen und vielen umarmungen. und nicht aufregen, das gibt nur falten und hektische flecken … 😉 ich hab grad gut reden, mit meinen preisboxeraugen nach allergieschock … 🙂 lass es dir gut gehen und fühl dich feste gedrückt!

  2. Anni says:

    Sieht aus wie “Robert”. Wurde dein Kaffee vielleicht verwechselt? 😉
    Ein selbstgenähtes Kleid klingt klasse! An Klamotten habe ich mich ja noch nicht ran getraut. Dann wünsche ich dir das richtige Wetter um es auszuführen! 🙂
    Happy Weekend!
    Liebste Grüße!

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