FFF 12.07

What a crazy week this was! Thank you so much for all your lovely comments last week, they really made me smile! Before we start the weekend it is time for Stephi’s Friday questions  (she totally cracks me up with her new Thursday fitness posts though). Right, now let’s start this:

1.) Was hast du vor? What are you up to

restoring bibliography

Restoring my bibliography which (sort of) self-destructed this week. To cut a long story short, I finally decided to migrate everything from the office citation tool to papers 2 (which I was using anyway) = major migration process going on.
2.) Was hast du an? What are you wearing?

The (finally) finished summer dress (cut in half by our only “full” mirror in the closet) – I have to say it was less complicated than I anticipated, even though I seem to have 2 different dress sizes here (and maybe I can still take the upper part in a bit) and, okay, I could have been more careful when doing the pockets…
3.) Was findest du “wow”? Wow?

new job celebration

G’s new job – there, I said it out loud – after weeks of interviews (4 rounds) and what seemed endless waiting, she got offered a new job last week! Of course she’s sad to leave some wonderful colleagues, but since there was no way to grow further in her current company, the time for leaving was somehow obvious (for us) and she is super happy  – I would say almost floating 🙂
4.) Was hättest du gern? What would you like to have?

urban gardening

Peas… those from the balcony, success of our urban gardening. The salad wasn’t one though: it had micro-leaves – and very pretty flowers.

5.) Was muss heute sein? Must-do/have/be today?

cauliflower pizza

Pizza! We finally figured out how to do a grain-free pizza with cauliflower crust – the next best thing to the real thing! I have planned another sewing session for the weekend (last weekend I managed to finish/mend 2 dresses and G almost finished her red top) and maybe a picnic, in any case it probably involves coffee and sunshine and no computer. Have a great weekend!


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