FFF 19.07


It’s nearly weekend! We just have to make it through one more day! And yes, that’s me or rather us (my Mom, my sister and me) in front of the Hieronymites Monastery (or Mosteiro dos Jerónimos) and it so reminds me of summer (and holidays …) Summer actually has finally arrived here (apparently we didn’t have that much ‘heat’ since 2006… ). I think G has caught Stephi’s schwabble-adé-strand-olé bug (I’ll attempt a translation here: good bye wobbly fat and hello beach figure) and has gone for a run (of 4,5km no less) every morning before work since Saturday. How do I know? I cycle next to her ( in the way of “run faster, your grand-mother could run faster”-way, lovely person, that I am) – But now, let’s get on with the Friday questions for this week:

1.) Ich liebe…. I love…

picinic… picnics- this one was our impromptu picnic in St James Park where I managed to sit on a hidden cherry in the grass – wearing a beige skirt (wouldn’t you know it?)

2.) Ich bin dankbar für… I’m thankful for…

friendship…. having such a wonderful friendship with G- we know each other for 11 years this month (that’s G holding the Yellowstone Park mug) I got to know her in a rather terrible year for me (cat died, dog died, horrible break up story and successive break down of my body, which couldn’t deal with that amount of stress), but because of her, I still have lovely memories from that year!

3.) Ich wünschte… I wish..

gone with the wind… apparently… I wished for a “Gone with the Wind” moment…. We went to an open house costume try-on last Sunday and G made me get into this (and yes, it was really hot)

4.) Ich brauche... I need…

holiday… holidays. Unfortunately (due to the new job and especially the conference) we will only have a week of this view for breakfasts, but hey, better short than never!

5.) Ich werde jetzt… Now, I’m going to….


… eat my second breakfast and then cycle to college (to upload the – hopefully – last round of edited papers – yessssssssssss!) and then probably sit somewhere with air conditioning so I can do a bit of work on my own study or read through your guys’ answers (your guess, what comes first here…. ). We have planned to meet up with D and his sister (who is over for a visit) for the weekend and most probably have some more picnics. We also are trying to get a new feature on the blog with regular posts (probably once a week) so keep watching this space. What are your plans this weekend? Hope you have lots of fun!


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