FFF 26.07

Holiday in Spain

I’m going back over my old and carefully restored family summer holiday pictures – this one is from the Alhambra; the Court of Myrtles to be exact: pretty much straight after they opened in the morning. Doesn’t it look fantastic? At that time the whole thing was practically deserted – try this now, and there are bus loads full of people everywhere… We’re counting down the weeks until we’re going on holiday (x-3!) but there is still soooo much on the to-do-list thanks to the ever-changing rules for the upgrade (now it’s 10.000 words to hand in by 9th Sept. Let’s see what it will be next week….) But first things first: Stephi’s Friday questions are here to start the day and mentally prepare for the weekend (yey):

1.) Biste happy mit? You’re happy with…?

british museum.. how the last weekends turned out. I have a tendency to work through the weekend if not stopped… This is from last weekend: our tour of the British Museum with D and his sister.
2.) Biste stolz drauf? You’re proud of…?the new colour in the living room…  having painted the entire flat – we’re loving the new colour on the walls – a slight green (the shade is called highland falls – lovely, don’t you think?) and the bathroom – but this is a different story.
3.) Biste erleichtert? You’re relieved…?

common roomThat it’s the end of term – which usually means a slower work mode – except that I have the upgrade in October with a submission deadline in September…
4.) Biste verliebt? You’ re in love…?

rose garden… with the rose garden near the river  – I miss having a garden (sigh)
5.) Biste glücklich gesättigt danach?  You’re happily satisfied after eating it?

herbed falafel Baked herbed falalel – our most favourite picnic food this year – we made it grain free, but it is vegan (as far as I can see) and pretty much low in fat (they are baked not fried) – but think before you switch on the oven in this heat – you need to do it in the morning :-). We swapped the pistachios for almonds (or hazelnuts) and exchanged the buckwheat flower with almond flower – see the original recipe here…. in case you don’t know what to make to eat over the weekend. What are your plans for this weekend? We might have a friend of G’s over on Saturday and finally have a go at sewing the rest of our summer wardrobe, such as another pair of shorts. I made this from the left-over material from my dress – super comfy and super easy to sew (it’s in German, but I think it works ok with G*translator). Happy weekend everyone!


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